Jim Edwards- Headline Best Length, Color And Conversion

So I asked Jim Edwards:

“Hey Jim, what is the max word length for tested headlines? (mine get a bit long)”

“And headline color. I still use a dark red, any new testing data on that having worn out? Or become over used- having a negative affect?”

In case my ancient blog theme does not play nice on your phone you can see the original Facebook post here…

Much thanks Jim and Click Funnels / Funnel Scripts!

Five Ways Foodie Bloggers Can Make Money

#1 – Put your recipie ingredients in your email only. Then link to the site for the cooking instructions.

#2 – Add affiliate links via banner graphics in recipies with like cooking styles

#3 – Creating short video “How To” clips that demonstrate basic and unique tips:

#4 – Learn how to write better Email subject headline type copy

Read Headline Secrets That Sell

#5 – Keep your emails out of the Gmail Prmotions tab and increase your open rates by 8% to 10%

Read The Top 10 Gmail Promotions Tab Myths Debunked

Why Does Snooki Have 4 In Print Books?

Because Snooki Has Reach! And publishes through Simon and Schuster!

It does not matter if you can write these days. What matters to publishers these days is that you have reach and can sell your own books.

Why do you not have a book at the top of Amazon mega high traffic categories like Snooki?

–Because you have no reach– On Amazon, reach is calculated by how many positive reviews, your books have.

Why do you not have reach and lots of positive reviews on your Amazon books?

Because you do not have a community of fellow authors behind you that give you leverage and reach-ability, to get where the traffic & sales on Amazon is there for the taking.

You probably think that you can’t write an Amazon book, do you?

But you can, you just don’t know it yet.

Look at my other half, Margie: She wrote A Dozen Roses For Mom

Click ‘Look inside’ there to read one of Margie’s poems, for your Mom.

She took 12 poems she had published on G+. We already knew her writing was loved by her readers.

We formatted them to an Amazon Kindle book in just a few days. Then we pulled down Margie’s public stuff, that got mega shares & traffic.

We just moved from giving it away to selling it for profit and you can do the same.

I never knew I could write fiction until I tried. In 30 days I wrote PLENZES, a short fictional story about wearable computing.

We published years before almost anyone heard about Google GLASS.

In January I am turning that into a full fledged novel. People compared me to the author of Bladerunner in the reviews. I mean; –WTH–?

You don’t even want to write a word? But you do want to make and extra 500 or 1000 a month? Yes?

We can teach you how to outsource the writing AND the book cover.

You can be in business by January on Amazon, for less than the cost of dinner for two, at Chili’s.

The webinar with the proof is here, for just a short time yet:

My new 200 page novella: ‘TOM – Dreams Of Horror’ is soon to be published for Christmas.

I did not know I could do this. Scared I was, till I tried.

Another friend of mine is a kickboxing master. Guess what he is writing?

My buddy Stuart knows everything about real estate and horsemanship.

He thought he needed to be creative and have great writing skills, write a few hundred pages… You know, like Snooki?

Stuart jumped on this when I told him one of the most successful books I know of, was just over 30 pages and did over $2K on Amazon in 30 days.

That’s not $2,000 in sales. That was $2,000 in the author’s bank account. Net!

Again, that proof is in this pudding: Watch the Amazon Kindle Marketing Webinar here…

I will even throw in 3 hours of deep Deep DEEP Kindle Amazon video training

  • Discover the 10 things I did wrong on Amazon when I wrote PLENZES.
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  • See exactingly how to format your book for more sales.
  • Get thousands of new social followers when you get the secret that
    got me 2000 new followers on G+ in 3 days, the first week my book was out.
  • Get the low down on the secret Amazon site that turns plain jane books
    into marketing machines, like you see on Barnes and Nobel shelves.

Here is how you get this one of kind training that even Ryan Lee does not know about.

Join the 6 Figure Kindle Club here:

7 days of access for just a buck.

Then send me your receipt at my email here…

I will send you back, your 3 hours of video bonus training access, on me.

What are you thinkin’ mate? All that for a buck!

And it’s cold outside, everyone else is spending like there is no tomorrow and worrying about 2014 when the bills come in February.

If you get going now, you can have your first check from Amazon by then and instead of crying over your bills, you can have a second, a third, even a fourth book paying your car payment. Or how about your mortgage?

Could it really be a happy shiny new year for ya?

You betcha!


Got questions? Email me or pick up the phone and call me here…

A Personal Review Of The 6-Figure Kindle Club – Margie D Casados

If you are an author and/or aspiring publisher I believe it is a good idea to take a look at what they are doing on 6FKC.

Picture of Margie D. Casados

Emran Saiyed and Ryan Lee have teamed up to make the world of writing, into a valuable promoting empire.

Recognizing that Kindle is on the leading edge and is presently–the future of the written word–That it transcends globally quickly, so that your written works can be read by millions.

The potential to prospect the chance of many people finally reading what you create. Not by the mercy of a publisher that gets many proposals of manuscripts that cross their desks. But by you’ the author and publisher, and your applied action. The only boundary is yourself.

The coaching is priceless. Imagine, Ryan Lee asking, “What are you going to complete by Monday?”

For me I highly respect Ryan, and I will do what it takes to get it done.

I have witnessed him doing awesome things before and creating many successes with his endeavors.

He is simply amazing.


The award of finishing a book, or many books. To see a completed result of your library of Kindle books and/or physical books. To actually realize the success of a dream come true for an Author or Publisher.

And to see your ideas, come to life before your eyes and shared to the world.


Emran.. is amazing.

The courses he shares answer so many questions, the why and the how.

He details and is fresh in his videos, and adding new ones. He is evergreen with his teaching. If he doesn’t know the answer, he seeks to find it.

He is active and very connective. If you have a question it won’t be long before he answers.

I don’t know how he does it. I think he never sleeps. :))

You can feel his enthusiasm for his desire to see 6FKC to succeed. He shares his knowledge and teaches others how to be successful in a Kindle World.


And then there are the students, really’ aspiring authors and publishers.

Brainstorming, cheering each other on. And asking questions.

Questions you were perhaps on the verge of asking, or questions that you haven’t thought of yet. That are valuable and save you time.

Participation and Teamwork from Emran, Ryan, Writers, and Publishers.

Questions, insights, helpful tips and hints from each other. Support, encouragement, evergreen lessons, knowledge, insights, friendships.

Within this community, this is what I am finding. People helping each other to achieve their dreams.

Books make a difference in some way. Perhaps by sharing knowledge, a story’s journey, inspiration, and more.

Books a passage of pages to discoveries…


Picture of Margie D. Casados

– Margie D Casados is a Poemtographer and Author of: A Dozen Roses For Mom

Need every last detail on the 6 Figure Kindle Club? Here is the full lowdown in this video… where over 700 members await you in this wide open Facebook group where you can friend and network on Facebook and review each other’s books on Amazon.

You can join The Six Figure Kindle Club here, for just $1 for the next 7 days.- Chris Lang

The Difference Between Amazon & Google+

Amazon marketing image, everything in one box prime...

You may have seen my mail yesterday about Why I am spending less time on Google+…

However you may have written it off as me trying to sell you.

I am sorry to say, that is a big mistake. Because there is a huge difference between Google+ and Amazon and it is the difference between making money and wasting your time concentrating on how many social followers you have.

If you read this email completely, you won’t be looking to see if you went up a few hundred followers on G+ any more.

Instead you will be looking like I do, at Chase.com, to see how much Amazon deposited in your bank account.

You may think the difference between G+ and Amazon is Obvious.

Here’s The Big Difference

Amazon is where people go to BUY Things.

Social sites are where people go to get free advice.

Everybody and their kissin cousin are suddenly G+ experts.

Same goes for Twitter and Facebook. Just take a look at all the teaching the real experts like Mari Smith deliver each month.

People expect that everything is free for the taking on social, and that is where you can waste a lot of your time. And then, when you launch your next product, no one buys from those “oh so well” cultivated social followings. Bet you have already found that out?

No, people go to Amazon to buy. They don’t even think about it.

7% of American are Amazon Prime members.

That is over 21 million adults that pay $80 to be Prime Members.

Amazon gives you free two day shipping, 10s of 1000s of free movies discounts on most products and more when you are a Prime member.

Check out what Amazon Prime members get here…

Now you tell me, how many people would pay to be Twitter, Facebook or G+ members?

That is the mindset of social sites. Ever feel, your followers for some reason seem to think you owe them something?

People go to Amazon expecting to buy. They want to buy from you.

When you know how to be highly ranked in Amazon listings you will make money on Amazon and I will prove it to you right here:

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Amazon does an amazing job, working for you to convert their massive traffic and their best most loyal buyers, into your own buyers.

They don’t even need to fill out any forms either, one click and Amazon visitors have your book on their Kindle.

You don’t even need a Kindle either, anyone can read your book on their iPhone or Android app. Google Chrome even has an extension so you don’t even need a phone, just a browser.

I have actually moved all my media away from any other service, including Google Music… I buy all my movies, buy all my online goods, for at times, Amazon is half the price of the local store that I have to drive to, in 10 degree winter temperatures in Denver

Margie even bought me a Kindle Fire, to test our own books on a month ago, as an early Christmas present. With one log in right out of the box, I had all my movies, all my music and all my books.

I freakin’ love the thing. Sure it is not an iPad or a Android tablet but since I am all in on Amazon like millions of Americans are, with 200 million active accounts world wide, a tablet optimized to my Kindle purchases is very valuable to me.

So, I gotta’ ask you, would you rather dominate a social network or would you rather dominate the #1 online mall, where people go to buy what you have?

The answer my friend, is both.

But so far you only have one piece of the pie, the social end.

Now it’s time to learn to get to the top of Amazon listings where you make money and that starts right here, right now.

Get The Webinar here…

You can even call this SEO for Amazon :]

NOW, back to why Amazon is a social site for buyers.

When you hop on in, tomorrow on the webinar…

(and I have persuaded my friend and mystery guest to give you a darn near free look inside this one of a kind networking community of Kindle writers)

…I will give you access to 3 hours of video, showing how to use Amazon just like you do Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

But you will only get to see this PROOF webinar tomorrow, if you sign up for access at this link.

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Be sure to share that with your friends, if you can.

You all will be able to ask questions of my mystery guest live
on this show.

In the mean time, keep your eyes open for Margie’s (my other half) review of why she joined this networking Kindle club, and talked me into showing you, why this is so very very important to you in 2014 and beyond…

See ya on the show,

Chris Lang

Am I Really Spending Less Time On G+? (the truth and why)

The Answer is yes, Yes, and YES!

Margie hopped on this last week and loved it so much, she told me I had to share this with you all. (she has never said this before in 5 years together, so you just, gotta trust that)

Two Mystery Guests Will Show YOU On Wednesday, How You Can Make REAL MONEY Online, Even Though You Have No Skills In This Special Space, Knowing Nothing Until Now (this has nothing to do with g+ google or anything i have taught you about before)

Join the Webinar here…

+Margie D Casados and I watched this webinar by a real Internet Marketer and personal friend of mine, who makes 7 figures online and has since I first met him in 2008.

This mystery guest is the real deal and a friend I trust.

–> After +Margie D Casados watched this Webinar…

–> She immediately hopped into my friend’s one of a kind club

–> She told me how great the education was…

–> And BEGGED me to talk my friend into doing the webinar for you

After twisting some arms (and legs) I have convinced my friend and –big money maker–to rebroadcast live, this webinar for you.

Don’t worry, you can’t buy anything right now, the club area is closed to the public. But on this webinar, if they have proved that this is really something that anyone can do, you will get to join this special club and networking community thru my a special link and let you look inside to see if this is for you.

My link will be such a discount, It IS almost free!

Only a short window of opportunity is open starting Wednesday.

There will be one replay, (and one only) but only IF you hop on in to this webinar now. Be seeing you Wednesday, 2 PM EST. – Chris

Join the Webinar here…


I bet you get a ton of mail saying how you can make crazy insane amounts of cash, with no effort huh?

I bet if you have been on my list here for any amount of time, you have heard me say that most guys giving you this kind of advice have never sold a thing online themselves, right?

AND… How many times have I come to you with the real deal? But, when I do, it is from one of my friends and mentors that really does make millions online. Yes?

So, if I am paying big time attention to what Margie discovered then you should too. Right?

You will be able to ask all the questions you want on Wednesday live of my mystery guest friend, get proof, of his honesty and the extreme value of this window of success for you in 2014.

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Looking forward to your questions and comments Wednesday :]

To your success in 2014,

Chris Lang
720 328 2341

Does Email Engagement Matter?

While I believe email engagement algorithms at Gmail goe far deeper than these two experts, I do want to preserve these two posts and link to them just for my own enlightenment and reference.

Hope you enjoy them as well.

Andrew Barrett of the “Email Skinny” blog goes on the note 7 major engagement indicators of quality that Gmail uses front and center.

Open (GOOD)
2.Reply (GOOD)
3.Move to junk (BAD)
4.Not junk (GOOD)
5.Delete without open (BAD)
6.Move to folder (GOOD)
7.Add to address book (GOOD)

Julia Peavy of Return Path talks here about “Winning back” an unengaging list.

Facebook On Mobile – It’s Time to Take It Seriously

Thanks to my friends at Qwaya for this great piece of work. Facebook and mobile are both very confusing these days. Sounds like it’s time for us all to get our mobile strategies together now….

(click for full size)

Just Got Out Of A Hospital Bed Yesterday

Last week, I flew off my mountain bike at 20 MPH and got slapped on the asphalt bike trail like a pancake flipped.

Seems my front axle went south, and left the building. My front tire then free, suddenly locked up, dead stop, between the brake and the front forks. I hit the path so hard I bounced…

I got out of bed yesterday (two cracked ribs now) to my machine, first time in five days. Slept pretty much all that time prior.

What does this mean to you? (keep reading below)

Front axle caused my bike crash

Well, since my 4th of July plans are now cancelled, I am going to give all you G+ Jedi a one on one consult via Hangout, for 30 minutes, while I am all busted up this holiday weekend.

This is no small matter as I charge 200 an hour for my knowledge.

So, between now and Sunday night, you can not only get the most aggressive set of G+ Page tactics there are for just one lousy dollar…

Click here for the most aggressive Google Plus Page Marketing EVER!

But you get me –one on one– while my cracked ribs calm down this weekend. Real world value: 100 bucks US.

But when Monday comes, and I am rested up, the $1 deal goes away, and so does the consult mega deal.

My mind is at 100% again, but my body is not, so while the 4th will pass me by this year, don’t let my turning lemons into lemonade pass you by too.

I had planned to close this by the 4th, today. But since I was out cold since last week, I have extended this thru Monday of next week and added a bonus that you will never see again.

Click here for the most aggressive Google Plus Page Marketing EVER!

Broken but not out,

Chris Lang

PS For you current and new Jedi members, you get this same bonus, just send me your login name to the members site, and what time you want to work with me.

I can do 10 a day, 5 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon.

I start at 8 AM MST Denver time, out at 10:30 MST. Then start again at 3 PM MST. I am booking starting today AM.

This will be held to strict 30 minutes. Just reply to this mail and give me your day and time. I will reply with a G+ Calendar invite, so be sure to give me your Gmail address as well.

IS Waiting? The Opposite Of Living…

Waiting: Is The Opposite Of Living…

Pretty good imagery huh?

Mad Men headphone marketing...

And that is what Marketing is. It’s turning a picture, a painting, a work of art, into a story, where your reader is SEEING you.

You may have noticed, I am a Don Draper fan, and I watch “Mad Men” religiously.

Because the show, about Ad Men, Writes– MAD-AD-COPY

Don Draper said last night:

“The difference between a husband knocking at the door, and a wartime sailor leaving his ship, is about 10,000 volts.”

Feeling, believing: It’s a Giga Volt shock, straight to the brain. Digitally, delivered.

That is what your leads, clients, traffic wants, to feel: “Electrified

You see copy guys, girls, fail. Some Mad Men do not know what your leads want.

Some people that are mapping your business’s path, have no idea what marketing is.

But “My show” was out-done by a real “Mad Man” last nite.

So, yeah, I ripped the subject line of this post off from a commercial during “Mad Men” last night.

It was that good.

Back to the show now, we learn “Mad Man” is “Mad Woman.”

Peggy, Don’s disciple, has turned Don Draper of a competing ad firm.

Bent over the barrel, deadline hitting her in the face, lacking a headline for Koss headphones, she turns to boyfriend, wearing 1968’s headphones, cord dangling.

Yeah. For those of you, not born yet, 1968 headphones were bigger than ear muffs, and much heavier too LOL.

So, the hippie boyfriend is rockin out to Ina-Godda-Divida style corded headgear.

Turning, Peggy says “Hey, what are you listening to?”

He pulls the two pound ear buds from each ear, now inches from his bearded 60’s doo, and shouts…


Peggy relents; “Go back to your music.”

At that point I wrote the headline Peggy nor her Mad Men staff could…

“Koss Makes Your Headphones Live!”

Picture this: Guy rockin, girlfriend interrupts.

“What” he replies?

“Go back to your music…” She pouts. He does.

Headline rolls: “Koss Makes Your Headphones Live!”

And that is what you have to do for your business.

Make your leads, social followers and emails SEE, LIVING, you as the answer to their problems that they need solved. Now not later, by buying your solutions today.

That is what marketing is, the process where you make them SEE. That there is so much value in what ever it is that you offer, NOT buying would be a bigger mistake than waiting.

Since waiting is the opposite of living.

And the opposite of living is…you guessed it… Dying!

If your business is dying, not even born yet, or somewhere in the middle, I can help you. Maybe even save you too.

You get 40 chapters and over 400 pages of “Mad Men” time with me, the Don Draper of Email Delivery each week, when you become an Email Delivery Jedi with Get It To The Inbox.


$2600 of consulting Mad Men style is yours here for pennies on the dollar.

Man mad about marketing,

Christopher T. Lang

PS – No PS, I got nothin, that was my best Mad Men copy. But guess what MAD skills like that can do for you… Right?


You know what to do now, or die trying :]