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Democracy VS Ricktatorship VS Dicktatorship – The Walking Dead

After watching the 3rd Season, Walking Dead mid-season finale, as I write I pose these scenarios and questions to myself and you… Opening of Season I: Anarchy When Shane was a leader king, he had power simply because he was stronger than anyone else. Remember where the guy tries to dig graves and Shane beats […]

Why Do Writers Write?

Asking my self this same question, “Why do I write?” I am taken to this keyboard to try to explain it to myself… And hopefully you When I was a cook and then a chef in the 80s and early 90s, an episode of Northern Exposure was able to explain why I cooked, to me. […]

Is Facebook Going Down The Same Road As Digg Did In 2008 ?

As I watch one very loyal Facebook marketer after another become disolutioned with Facebook paid posts I remember the days of Digg’s demise due to the CEO’s ego, Kevin Rose’s disconnection and a malicious group called the Digg mafia. Will we see history repeat itself at Facebook? 3 Things brought me write this for you […]

Social Marketing – State Of The Union 2013

Return to this page tomorrow for the replay, and live streaming tomorrow starting at 12:30 EST PM / 9:30 PST AM US time, featuring Paul Colligan, Warren Whitlock, Chris Treadaway and Lynette Young. You can translate your time zone here… These four top social marketing experts will be sharing what you need to be doing […]

Why I Am Not Thankful

Yep, you read that one right: Me… NOT Thankful… If you make any kind of living from what ever type of business you have, you probably felt this way and maybe even do today. I describe business as being on a roller coaster ride. But every ride comes to an end, you get off and […]

Why Your Name Is NOT Your Brand

Your name is not your brand. Your personal brand is not about what you are, it is about who you are. So start building trust in you! That rubs off on your products and that puts money in your pocket in return. Plain and simple, I have had enough of the bad advice floating around […]

A Guide to Creating and Publishing Marketplace Ads on Facebook

For marketers using Facebook to promote their brands, the site’s ad setup might be a little difficult or confusing at first glance. This is undoubtedly due to the various types of ads available in Facebook’s marketplace. There are four different types of ads, and each one is significant and potentially harmful to your brand if […]

What Is The Best Time For Webinars & Hangouts On Air?

Morning, afternoon or at night, we all wonder when best to host our webinars and of course when to send Email to our list. Sharyn, on Google+ asked me: When is the best time to hold a webinar? My reply turned out to be a blog post so here you go. If you care to […]

Chris Langisms

Optimism is the belief you CAN win. Hope is the belief that you WILL win – 6-22-2014 Inspired by a post by David Amerland. “They have the moral compass of toilet water; They go with the flow–“ – 4/1/2014 Referring to some of my so-called friends in marketing, after I was attacked and slandered by […]

Is The New Google The Death Of SEO?

SEO? Death? Hardly, let’s take a look into the future of SEO and why Google has always been a social search engine since day one, shall we? First, let’s look at the facts… Bottom line, SEO is NOT dead, never will be dead. But instead of optimizing sites, now we optimize people and personal brands. […]