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RSS Marketing? This is how to Avoid Spam Filters with RSS Marketing!

This ain’t new but it may be to you. It you are not using WordPress to create your blog you are missing the essence of the web. If you do not know how to install WordPress on your site I will do a FREE install for you! It is that powerful and I want to […]

Did a Johnson Box Help My Email Delivery and Avoid Spam Filters?

Can you avoid the “this is spam button” with a little more email focus? If you didn’t read my post this weekend you should read it first and especially the comments as well. While Michael and Adrian did not agree with me on a number of points, I still stick by my guns. First of […]

Avoid Spam Filters with a Johnson Box

Looking to avoid filters and the dreaded “this is spam” button? Of course your are! At the ISP level your email reputation and delivery is determined by your subscribers clicking the “this is spam button” more than any other single item. Try using a Johnson box at the very top of your emails and watch […]

DKIM Gone, Hello SenderID After Microsoft Buys Yahoo err Microhoo?

If Microsoft buys Yahoo! what will this mean to email delivery? My question about the proposed Yahoo! purchase by Microsoft is will MS replace DKIM with SenderID? Yahoo! and Microsoft (Live, Hotmail, MSN) use two different authentication methods, which one will they choose, or will they use both Sender ID and DKIM together? Remember that […]

Do I Need to Include my Autoresponder’s SPF Records Within My Domain

This content has moved to Do I need to include my autoresponder’s SPF records within my DNS?

Avoid Spam Filters? Don’t Use Tiny Fonts!

Tiny fonts now trigger spam filters in SpamAssassin I ran across a post on the MailChimp blog where SpamAssassin returned a positive score of 2.6 for the use of tiny fonts. A positve score means positive for spam and negative for delivery. A positive score of more than 5 usually means off to the spam […]

New Email White List Instructions Generator

Email Whitelist Generator Just retooled my since so many things have changed in the last year. So I wrote a very detailed email white list instructions generator that reflects what is currently going in ISP white lists and spam filtering now. I set it up so that you can easily add a stylesheet to change […]

Hotmail Images and Links are Disabled Even in Text Messages

Not even our text only email is safe from spam filters as Hotmail now disables all URL links even in TEXT ONLY emails. While working up content for my new “Get to the Inbox” ebook, (yes I am going to break down and sell an eBook) I was going thru the new Hotmail interface Windows […]

Ex Spammer Says, “Prepare To Be Bombarded”

“Ed,” a retired spammer, spoke in London on Wednesday saying he expects to still see spam in 10 years. PC World reports on an event in London hosted by IronPort Systems, an email security vendor where an ex-spammer talked about how profitable spam is to the spammer. With the kind of profits described here we […]

Gmail Marks It’s Own Emails as Spam

Jason Lee Miller writes “I didn’t dig past the 1000 messages to learn just how far back Google tweaked its spam filters so hard it flagged itself. But I missed 61 alerts for “Google” and a few for myself.” What I want to know is was the email sent to the spam folder because of […]