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More ISPs To Charge For GoodMail Email Delivery

Goodmail now has an estimated 65% access to US inboxes. The Associated Press reported that four more ISPs will start charging for guaranteed email delivery thru Goodmail Systems and it’s CertifiedEmail program. Comcast Corp., Cox Communications Inc., Time Warner Cable Inc.’s Road Runner and Verizon Communications Inc. will join Yahoo Inc. and Time Warner Inc.’s […]

What I Learned From Spammers

I let the spam build up for a few days and what I learned about avoiding spam filters will surprise you. I recently moved both my web sites, and, to new more stable hosts. What I learned was very surprising and undoubtedly will prove a valuable lesson to us both. When I moved […]

Why We All Get Flagged as Spammers

Part of avoiding spam filters is not getting the “this is spam” button clicked on your email delivery I sent my email subscribers a link to the prior post about DomainKeys further implementation you won’t believe this! Two double opt in subscribers hit the “This is Spam” button on that email. I used a tag […]

Yahoo!’s DomainKeys to be Considered as Internet Standard

Use DomainKeys and increase your your email delivery, the coming trend DomainKeys, the Yahoo! email authentication method is up for consideration as an internet standard reports Yahoo! mail currently uses this form of email authentication by inserting an encrypted key into the header of outgoing emails. Yahoo! also looks for this key in incoming […]

Avoid Spam Filters: What SPF, DKIM and Sender Id Means to You

Email Delivery: Does SPF, DKIM and Sender Id have anything to do with Avoiding Spam Filters? Will email authentication help me get my email delivered? NO it won’t. Will I have a better chance of getting the big boys in email to deliver my email if I have email authentication in place? YES it will. […]

Nintendo Wii Breaking HDTVs

Nintendo Wii players are breaking HDTV’s while swinging the nunchuck, hilarious! From the photos online, it seems as if the wrist strap is quite thin and a powerful move like a serve in Wii Tennis by a strong player with sweaty hands can easily cause the stock wrist strap to snap. Home theater/gaming enthusiasts who […]

Avoiding Spam Filters: What Really Happens to Your Email?

Who Are “Spam Filters”, how to avoid them and what does it mean to my email delivery? While spam filters is a pretty general term most fall into three categories. I do do not plan or attempt to cover any end user home pc anti spam programs. What we are interested in is the big […]

Does The Way I Send Email Matter to Email Delivery and Email Reputation?

Does my email delivery method avoid spam filters as to how much is delivered and how it is perceived by ISPs Autoresponders, broadcast services, from my database on my computer or from a script on my web server. Does it really make any difference how I send email? Of course the way you send email […]

Free Shipping is the #1 Email Subject Line That Get’s Opened

An eRoi study shows that free shipping is an email subject line that gets opened more often says dm news. Free shipping is the No. 1 offer that customers look for and will respond to in an e-mail The study interviewed consumers and found that free shipping is important because it gives online shopping a […]

Guess why my host deleted my incoming email….

If you don’t think that your emails are being deleted just look at the spam folder on your host’s server. I just did today and here is what I found. It’s a shocker! My host recently installed a new mail server software on my KeyWebData site. Merek mail server is the actual program. It was […]