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How to get more Diggs, Digg and how to use Digg properly.

Kevin Rose of Digg Speaks on Digg, Facebook Connect at the FOWA Conference

Kevin Rose talks about Digg and the future of Digg, Facebook Connect and news and social bookmarking sites at the Future of Web Apps in London. Kevin Rose of Digg talks about the value that Digg provides or does not provide. Kevin Rose also provides his view of what Digg has to offer and what […]

Win My Book, Software and Cordless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

I will give you my book, the software and a pair of bluetooth cordless stereo headphones so you can listen to the four hours of audio that comes with my Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics for the best suggested upgrade to Promote My Site Suite For the one person that can come up with the […]

Facebook Connect and theInsider Connect Facebook Friends

Facebook Connect scores big with the first roll out of a FriendConnect portable social network. But where is Google? After Facebook Connect took a big chance by dumping Google FriendConnect and going it alone, most of us thought it was a big mistake. But now, with the first full release of Facebook Connect on, […]

How You Can Rock Digg and Why You Should

Digg is weak and about to change drastically in your favor. Why and how you can and should profit from this Digg about face In today’s post you will learn: Why Digg is weak right now. How you can profit from this Digg turmoil. Why Digg will change to your advantage in the coming months. […]

Social Bookmarking Digg SEO Case Study

Digg has been performing oddly and quite different than what I expect in Google and we think we have the beginning of why Up until this last month Digg has produced pretty predictable results in Google search. 50 Diggs and you are in Google websearch for both the Digg post and your blog post. 100 […]

Get on the Front Page of Digg With Only 150 Diggs

Digg front page today only! Can you believe it! Do not let this once in an Internet lifetime pass you by, get your Digg on now! Digg has gone on a banning spree, kicking many powerful Digg users for using scripts on Digg. They even banned Zaibatsu, the #3 user out of millions for NO […]

The Poster Child For All Future Digg Shouts

From the mouths of Digg babes comes the greatest insight into what is wrong with all of us on Digg I was showing a friend of mine, a guy that does not even know how to copy and paste text, how to use Digg. We call him Boomhauer, because he sounds just like Boomhauer from […]

Top Ten Reasons Google Will Buy Digg as Aquisition Seems Near

I have predicted the Google – Digg acquisition / integration but now TechCrunch says that a Digg acquisition by Google is closer than ever! With TechCrunch’s post late today that: “Google’s on and off negotiations with Digg have been back on in a big way for the last six weeks, we’ve heard from multiple sources […]

Digg and Google Photographed Smiling Like They Just Had Sex

Jay Addleson (digg ceo) and Larry Page (duh, google founder) at top corporate retreat As the rumors still mount and actual lobbying by Google VPs for a Google / Digg acquisition continue, we still try to hope for the best. A clean up of the mess that is currently Digg would be welcome. They have […]

Things to Do When Google Buys Digg

Or… Things to do when Microsoft Buys Digg, either way it is a good thing, IMHO MrBabyMan hates the idea, the Digg top 100 surely hates the idea and the Digg Mafia REALLY hates the idea. Let me go on record right now saying that I LOVE the idea, especially if Microsoft aquires Digg and […]