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Social bookmarking sites and especially Digg have huge effect on Google, when social bookmarking is done correctly. With participation and whitehat tactics your submissions to social bookmarking sites will have much higher success in Google search results.

Zaibatsu Banned From Digg

Zaibatsu banned from Digg at least for now, we shall see… Digg has been cleaning house lately, both with alot of spin doctoring and now with some heavy banning. Even the Digg top 100 have been laying low. Just look at BabyMan’s posts in the last few days, way down. Now it seems Digg has […]

Google Social Bookmarking and Blog Recommendation Engine

Google Reader adds a friends list, many social features like bookmarking, RSS feed item sharing, comments on blog posts and a blog recommendation engine based on your friends feeds and what you have in Google Reader In Google Reader, you can create your Google profile, you can now add a Google Reader shared items friends […]

Social Bookmarking Updates

Social bookmarking sites have had a big week, here are the changes that have occurred, the good the bad and the world’s largest Digger In this post: Why Google is about to go social Digg launches Digg mobile Propeller removes backlinks Digg user banned for Digging too much Why Microsoft will still buy Yahoo New […]

Google Friend Rank or FriendRank to Rank Social Marketing Profiles

FriendRank, the new PageRank for Social Marketing Profiles FriendRank is actually called “NETWORK NODE AD TARGETING” in the patent application but has already been dubbed FriendRank or FriendRank ala PageRank. Filed on December 29, 2006, Google has been tweaking this Friend Rank algorithm for quite a while. Now public as of July 3, 2008. Google […]

Digg and Google Photographed Smiling Like They Just Had Sex

Jay Addleson (digg ceo) and Larry Page (duh, google founder) at top corporate retreat As the rumors still mount and actual lobbying by Google VPs for a Google / Digg acquisition continue, we still try to hope for the best. A clean up of the mess that is currently Digg would be welcome. They have […]

Don’t Use Social Bookmarking Submission Software

Remember the old FFA sites and submitters? Now we have Social Bookmarking Submission Software Holy frakin (bsg reference) crap, this is just way TOO ironic. I was just thinking about how I see social bookmarking software as the next FFA submitters and the “Submit you site to 100,000 search engines instantly” ads of 10 years […]

Social Bookmarking Spam – Will it Hurt You in Google?

Social bookmarking sites are filling up with spam from marketers, but will following their lead hurt you in Google Rankings? Social bookmarking is being abused and spammed by Bloggers as social bookmarking users to gain traffic and create backlinks in Google. I do this as well, but I teach NOTHING but social bookmarking tactics that […]