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I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last […]

Trend Micro Wrongly Says is Dangerous and Undesirable

Say it’s not so, Is KeyWebData really dangerous and undesirable? I will leave it up to you… Trend Micro, maker of PC-Cillin and Trend Micro Internet Security, has been identifying my site as dangerous and undesirable, blocking the page from being displayed and possibly blocking my emails. My email response rate dropped and many long […]

Chrome – The Google Browser

Google Testing Digg Like Interface with Voting Features called Edit Search Results

Google has been seen testing a Digg like voting search results page and it looks like it is not a hoax as first thought and Google is calling it Edit Search Results I first saw this here and we all believed it to be a hoax since it was on a web designers blog that […]

Google to Buy Digg Rumors Are Back

Imagine Google to buy Digg? Digg integrated into Google search, or Blogsearch. Digg buttons next to every search result? That’s how I see it! Rumor mill (blogs) are on fire again about Google buying Digg. Most recent and best documented article on Google to buy Digg Okay, if this happens Google will integrate Digg with […]

Chris Lang vs Dave Rosenthal

Dave Rosenthal calls Chris Lang out? Challenge accepted! Dave, this deserves a blog post, not a comment. Dave says Hi Chris, Thanks for the email about this latest step in your exploration. I’m not seeing my last comment around here, so I wished I saved a copy so people would know I had already addressed […]

Local Search and What it Can Do For Your Business

Local Search can bring business to your door but they have to be able to find you using Local Search Since I am an international, digital product oriented marketer I have little time or knowledge of Local Search. However since Arnie Kuenn and his site Link Building Best Practices centers around local businesses I have […]

Internet Tax is Back and Threatens Affiliate Programs

Internet taxes: If you do any business on the Internet you better hope… From the NY Times blog today: Let the Tax Collection Begin “The state (NY) now says tax must be collected by any online store that gets customers referred to them by Web sites based in the state. In late April, Amazon filed […]

Top 50 Most Searched Terms

Top 50 most searched terms according to KeywordTracker, in the last 100 Days 1 187482 youporn 2 172609 myspace 3 149001 google 4 142440 redtube 5 124230 ebay 6 122208 yahoo 7 117710 youtube 8 90862 9 84967 youpron 10 79807 11 75590 nfl mock draft 12 74880 mapquest 13 74474 craigslist 14 […]

Friend Connect Won’t Even Connect to Google

Friend Connect Arrives a Day Late no Functionality Friend Connect, while much anticipated by myself and everybody else arrives today, a day late, you get an error when you sign up and all they have to show for this is a YouTube video. This is at 6:14 Arizona, USA time. Don’t hate on me if […]