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I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last […]

Social Marketing – Beginners Level

Social Marketing Beginners – OR – What I learned at David Carleton’s How To Increase Sales With Social Media San Diego Event and Why I Fell Flat on my face… So you have all heard that I spoke at David Carleton’s Social Media “How to Increase Sales” show this past weekend. But has anyone told […]

Friend Connect Live Now

Google Friend Connect finally got up the gumption to ask Chris Lang to dance Google Social style! Friend Connect is now live with Chris Lang at the helm. This Friend Connect site will be the hub for all that comes as I roll out the Google Social Network insider knowledge that only Chris Lang can […]

Twas The Nite Before Friend Connect

Twas the nite before Thanksgiving, and all thru the net, No friend connect widget stirring, not even one yet. My hopes were high, as I Googled with care, In hopes that Friend Connect, soon would be there. Most Normal people, were snug in their beds, No visions of Google, danced in THEIR heads. So here […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Chris Lang

Happy Thanksgiving? It sure is here… Many of you know what bad times are and what I have been through lately. Sometimes it takes the bad things in life to make you see how good the good times really are. Click the link below and save the image to your desktop background and may the […]

If Vader Held Out His Hand What Would You Have Done?

I know what I would have done, do you? A client declined my advice saying, “Can we do this in January? I have all this cool new code and ideas”…. I replied: Sure the bad news is that it will be too late for you. Nothing to do with me, but you will seriously have […]

Chris Lang RANT: Not G rated and no holds barred!

My first subscriber, the first marketer that subscribed to this site, before it was even a blog sent me this message today… Before you read this Chris Lang rant, you may want to get the history behind how a new spam filterM has kicked my ass. Geff writes: I’ve been doing OPT IN ONLY email […]

Trend Micro Says is Innocent!

Chris Lang – is innocent of all wrong doing and Trend Micro declares any blocking the result of a false positive I wrote up all the details of Trend Micro Pc-cillin incorrectly blocking my site on Email Jedi since it really belongs there. At least it is over and I am much stronger for […]

Trend Micro Wrongly Says is Dangerous and Undesirable

Say it’s not so, Is KeyWebData really dangerous and undesirable? I will leave it up to you… Trend Micro, maker of PC-Cillin and Trend Micro Internet Security, has been identifying my site as dangerous and undesirable, blocking the page from being displayed and possibly blocking my emails. My email response rate dropped and many long […]

Chris Lang’s Happy Birthday Extravaganza

Win a Copy of my Book, Chris Lang is almost pushing 50, KeyWebData celebrates 5 years online and I celebrate my first Internet success! Google Social Marketing Viral Friends List Builder On my birthday I will be releasing the Google Social Marketing Viral Friends List Builder so keep an eye out for it here. I […]