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Are You The Coyote Or The Road Runner?

It came to me that chasing Google, or any trend is a lot like chasing the Road Runner, it always seems to backfire, but getting the jump on a coming trend can really pay off. Just don’t buy your advice from ACME along the way…. Preparing for a trending topic is key guys, look at […]

MyBlogLog to Close May 24th

Yahoo closes MyBlogLog, here’s what to do before then as Facebook domination continues to thin out Web 2.0 Just got this in Gmail an hour ago…… Dear MyBlogLog Customer, You have been identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We will officially discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective May 24, 2011. Your agreement with Yahoo!, to the […]

Chicago Blizzard Collaborative YouTube Movie

A Chicago independent film maker is taking user videos, photos and stories of the Chicago blizzard on his YouTube channel and Facebook fanpage, then letting is followers vote up content and help script the movie. Great example you can imitate yourself… You know, like A Day In A Life at Sundance from YouTube where people […]

Google Research On Social Marketing & Facebook

Google researcher Paul Adams explains in the slide show created for Google execs below, that those considering a product are more apt to trust their friends than strangers – or search ads. Do you think Facebook or Google is more trustworthy when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes? Toaster? Golf clubs? Clothes? […]

Facebook Now Powered By Bing

On Febuary 5th, Microsoft made a deal with Facebook to supply Bing search results on Facebook. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Watch just alerted me, “If you do a search on Facebook, the web results are powered by Bing and more importantly, carry the Bing logo.” Click image to see full size. It is also […]

Social Marketing Power (yours)

We are all writing blogs, networking of Facebook and Twitter and building our email lists because we want to further our business. That’s what we do. But here is the power of social networks and how we can use them to effect change and better the life of our neighbors and friends. U-Haul Construction Invades […]

Facebook Hacked Again Live Video 02-13-2010

WARNING: Is your Facebook profile hacked or infected with the latest spammer script like the profiles below? Cnet said “The issue with Google’s new social toy [Buzz] is that 400 million people already use Facebook and have been offered no viable incentive to switch.” I would say the damaging hacked profiles below would be reason […]

Andy Jenkins Works For Burger King

It seems Andy Jenkins of StomperNet fame has gotten a side job doing Burger King commercials Life can be good it seems when you find your true calling in life. Andy, if you see this, it was just too good to pass up. I wish I was as well known as you and it was […]

Bill Gates Just Joined Twitter

The real Bill Gates on twitter no less. In the first hour he pulled 79,387 followers. Why should you go friend Bill Gates right now? In another hour he jumped to just under 100,000. First off joining new very powerful profiles on Twitter will bring you lots of new followers. Secondly you are linking your […]

Chris Lang’s 8 Days of Christmas Bonuses

I decided that Christmas should last longer than just one day, so I have 10 straight days of bonuses just for my subscribers. If you like it, we can do this every year. Just like I share my birthday with you each year, if you are on my list you will get the alerts. Some […]