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Worried Social Marketing Sites Reveal Your Personal Information?

Social marketing sites? Is that what your are worried about? Privacy died decades ago, you just never opened your eyes and took a look around! Online privacy, what are you worried about? Corporations already know everything about you and SELL that information without your consent. Insurance companies know more about you than ANYONE. Probably even […]

Social Marketing and Pitching Other Blogs

Social marketing by pitching other bloggers A number of people have contacted me lately about how to get noticed by other bloggers and even how to find major bloggers of influence. Social marketing basics seem pretty easy to me with than 70 million blogs and 120,000 more added every day. That’s allot of freakin blogs. […]

Google PageRank and Your Google Juice

Google PageRank, PageRank vs Google juice and what nofollow really means to your blog. One of my favorite bloggers, PotPieGirl just added My Name is Pot Pie Girl and I Follow after adding the WordPress DoFollow plugin. UPDATE: If is important to note that shortly after this PotPieGirl put up a completely new site that […]

Facebook Bans Friend Connect

No more Facebook, no more Friend Connect Michael Arrington on TechCrunch posted more details on Facebook’s banning of Google Friend Connect from the Facebook API earlier today. He spoke with Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly and Google’s Director of Engineering David Glazer about the banning to get a fuller picture of the conflict. I […]

How Social Marketing Affects Blogs

My neighbor John McGowan, did a little parody of Paris Hilton. He is number four in Google blogs after only an hour. Under “paris hilton” no less. Searched 1,692,424 in my search traffic app, which means it is really searched over 7 Million time a month, this is a REAL search term, not a little […]

Friend Connect Won’t Even Connect to Google

Friend Connect Arrives a Day Late no Functionality Friend Connect, while much anticipated by myself and everybody else arrives today, a day late, you get an error when you sign up and all they have to show for this is a YouTube video. This is at 6:14 Arizona, USA time. Don’t hate on me if […]

Friend Connect Connects What? Google to Connect Friends

Friend Connect sounds good Google, but with Friend Connect, do you see how you could trully change the Internet as we know it now? But only if you read this post…. In this Friend Connect article I pose the question: Will Google use Friend Connect to add another way they rank our blogs? Will they […]

Social Marketing, Digg, Sphinn, Spam, Oh My

Social marketing offers so many advantages, however Scott Goodyear points out not to get carried away and become a spammer, however unintentionally Scott Goodyear offers a great take on social marketing, Digg and Sphinn and what may look like spam to others. Scott says in opening “While it is important to get the word out […]

Digg This, So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

The Joys Of The Digg Mafia, One Day They Will Bite You In The Buttocks Keven Rose I work my butt off on my stories. My articles are well researched, laden with great links, up to date and usually only have a few typos and misspellings (intentional sarcasm). But just because I write about SEO, […]

How to Get More Diggs, Digg Privacy Breach and What Shouts Mean to Your Search Rankings

How to get more Diggs and not destroy your SEO at the same time because Google can see your shout history How to get more Diggs and spamming Digg is more what most Digg articles are about. While I have been putting together evidence to support my theory that we are hurting our search rankings […]