A Personal Review Of The 6-Figure Kindle Club – Margie D Casados

If you are an author and/or aspiring publisher I believe it is a good idea to take a look at what they are doing on 6FKC.

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Emran Saiyed and Ryan Lee have teamed up to make the world of writing, into a valuable promoting empire.

Recognizing that Kindle is on the leading edge and is presently–the future of the written word–That it transcends globally quickly, so that your written works can be read by millions.

The potential to prospect the chance of many people finally reading what you create. Not by the mercy of a publisher that gets many proposals of manuscripts that cross their desks. But by you’ the author and publisher, and your applied action. The only boundary is yourself.

The coaching is priceless. Imagine, Ryan Lee asking, “What are you going to complete by Monday?”

For me I highly respect Ryan, and I will do what it takes to get it done.

I have witnessed him doing awesome things before and creating many successes with his endeavors.

He is simply amazing.


The award of finishing a book, or many books. To see a completed result of your library of Kindle books and/or physical books. To actually realize the success of a dream come true for an Author or Publisher.

And to see your ideas, come to life before your eyes and shared to the world.


Emran.. is amazing.

The courses he shares answer so many questions, the why and the how.

He details and is fresh in his videos, and adding new ones. He is evergreen with his teaching. If he doesn’t know the answer, he seeks to find it.

He is active and very connective. If you have a question it won’t be long before he answers.

I don’t know how he does it. I think he never sleeps. :))

You can feel his enthusiasm for his desire to see 6FKC to succeed. He shares his knowledge and teaches others how to be successful in a Kindle World.


And then there are the students, really’ aspiring authors and publishers.

Brainstorming, cheering each other on. And asking questions.

Questions you were perhaps on the verge of asking, or questions that you haven’t thought of yet. That are valuable and save you time.

Participation and Teamwork from Emran, Ryan, Writers, and Publishers.

Questions, insights, helpful tips and hints from each other. Support, encouragement, evergreen lessons, knowledge, insights, friendships.

Within this community, this is what I am finding. People helping each other to achieve their dreams.

Books make a difference in some way. Perhaps by sharing knowledge, a story’s journey, inspiration, and more.

Books a passage of pages to discoveries…


Picture of Margie D. Casados

– Margie D Casados is a Poemtographer and Author of: A Dozen Roses For Mom

Need every last detail on the 6 Figure Kindle Club? Here is the full lowdown in this video… where over 700 members await you in this wide open Facebook group where you can friend and network on Facebook and review each other’s books on Amazon.

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