Why Does Snooki Have 4 In Print Books?

Because Snooki Has Reach! And publishes through Simon and Schuster!

It does not matter if you can write these days. What matters to publishers these days is that you have reach and can sell your own books.

Why do you not have a book at the top of Amazon mega high traffic categories like Snooki?

–Because you have no reach– On Amazon, reach is calculated by how many positive reviews, your books have.

Why do you not have reach and lots of positive reviews on your Amazon books?

Because you do not have a community of fellow authors behind you that give you leverage and reach-ability, to get where the traffic & sales on Amazon is there for the taking.

You probably think that you can’t write an Amazon book, do you?

But you can, you just don’t know it yet.

Look at my other half, Margie: She wrote A Dozen Roses For Mom

Click ‘Look inside’ there to read one of Margie’s poems, for your Mom.

She took 12 poems she had published on G+. We already knew her writing was loved by her readers.

We formatted them to an Amazon Kindle book in just a few days. Then we pulled down Margie’s public stuff, that got mega shares & traffic.

We just moved from giving it away to selling it for profit and you can do the same.

I never knew I could write fiction until I tried. In 30 days I wrote PLENZES, a short fictional story about wearable computing.

We published years before almost anyone heard about Google GLASS.

In January I am turning that into a full fledged novel. People compared me to the author of Bladerunner in the reviews. I mean; –WTH–?

You don’t even want to write a word? But you do want to make and extra 500 or 1000 a month? Yes?

We can teach you how to outsource the writing AND the book cover.

You can be in business by January on Amazon, for less than the cost of dinner for two, at Chili’s.

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My new 200 page novella: ‘TOM – Dreams Of Horror’ is soon to be published for Christmas.

I did not know I could do this. Scared I was, till I tried.

Another friend of mine is a kickboxing master. Guess what he is writing?

My buddy Stuart knows everything about real estate and horsemanship.

He thought he needed to be creative and have great writing skills, write a few hundred pages… You know, like Snooki?

Stuart jumped on this when I told him one of the most successful books I know of, was just over 30 pages and did over $2K on Amazon in 30 days.

That’s not $2,000 in sales. That was $2,000 in the author’s bank account. Net!

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I will even throw in 3 hours of deep Deep DEEP Kindle Amazon video training

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What are you thinkin’ mate? All that for a buck!

And it’s cold outside, everyone else is spending like there is no tomorrow and worrying about 2014 when the bills come in February.

If you get going now, you can have your first check from Amazon by then and instead of crying over your bills, you can have a second, a third, even a fourth book paying your car payment. Or how about your mortgage?

Could it really be a happy shiny new year for ya?

You betcha!


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