What is Social Bookmarking Spam

In my ongoing quest to educate my blog readers and social bookmarking site friends on what is social bookmarking spam and what is NOT consider this:

After suggesting that a blog post by my friend JohnT was spam one of my social marketing group members said this about a post:

“The Google Ad Sense is all over it. This tells me the article is posted to get more pageview from this site as supposed to really educating others about social marketing. Wouldn’t u agree?”

I replied “NO! Just because AdSense is all over a blog does not mean it is spam.” Bad taste maybe, but not spam.

Look at the top of TechCrunch, see that banner ad? How about those 16 ads down the side bar on the left? What is the difference between that and AdSence on a lowly unread bloggers blog? NONE! Why does TechCrunch write articles? To make money from advertising. I see no difference in that over AdSense.

You could get someone’s domain blacklisted with the social site when you click the spam button on someone. It only takes a few accusations and the site is thru there. This happened to me on Digg. Just because some little ahole on Digg cannot understand what I am writing about they clicked the spam button on me.

What happened. BANNED by Digg. That is what happened. Keywebdata.com will never be listed on Digg again. I did nothing wrong, I just happened to write an article critical of Digg, so the little bastard accused me of spam. He cost me traffic, a friends list of 400+ that I spent months building and got all my posts deleted. This has happened to many, just because they wrote articles about email marketing or SEO.

To some Digg idiot, they think any email marketing article is written by a spammer. BAM, spam button clicked, site banned.

To some other incredibly stupid Digger, an article about SEO must written by some one out to spam Digg and Google. BAM, spam button clicked, site gets banned.

Write anything critical of Digg, BAM, spam button clicked and site banned.

BTW, SEO, email marketing and most Internet marketing articles do no do well at Digg.

Bloggers do have to make a living from blogs, I do. But I have my own products that I sell from my sites. I am lucky. The blogger here is not even making probably $20 a day from AdSense.

Only submitting your own blog posts? YOU are a social bookmarking spammer!

I don’t care if you don’t have a lick of advertising, not one affiliate link and don’t sell a damn thing on the Internet. YOU ARE A SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SPAMMER! Simply because you are submitting ONLY your content only for your own gain, whatever this is.

If you follow who is submitting what, you would know that that is not JohnT’s blog. I have over 3000 friends on 20 networks and I can follow who is submitting what.

Not all 3000, but before you go and click the spam button on somebody maybe you should look at their profile. If all the links are to the same site, that is spam in itself. If they post a wide variety of different links from different blogs, then that right there should tell you that they are not spamming Searchles.

Your spam button click got the post removed on many other Searchles groups. For NO reason. I watch my group closely, I know who the participants are and follow their posts. Heck, I invited most of the members there.

The bottom line

Stop clicking the spam button when it can cost my friends in my group dearly! Or leave my group. No problem.

If you think it is spam, then don’t even give them a low vote, ignore it and move on.

No votes on a social bookmarking post say to Google that the sites sucks. That actually hurts the site more that having the link removed.


  1. Posted June 14, 2008 at 10:14 am | Permalink

    Thanks, Chris, for the support. I sometimes reply to comments like you quoted with an old Bugs Bunny saying of “He don’t know me vewy well, do he?”. lol

    In my blog article entitled Spam I’ve discussed the term Spam. It would may benefit some people to read it. It is intended as a first in a series, but I might just build it into an E-book and leave that up as a teaser for the purpose of either selling the e-book or as a freebie to entice people to join the newsletter I am doing.

    People really need to think before clicking a button, Chris. You know I personally do not like these spam buttons on sites because some people use them as a retribution tool, others use them as a way to start a disruption in the forum and others simply use it because it’s there.

    I may bark, but I usually don’t bite. I’ve found if you approach people in a half-way decent way, they may bark and not bite too. It seems like a lot of people who tend to click the buttons first never really learn the lesson of inquiring about a post prior to clicking the spam button.

    You know my philosophy, Chris, even though a social bookmarking site or a search engine may consider you a spammer if you submit your own blog posts, I am an advocate of it’s not being spam if you submit your own blogs. The internet provides these tools for use to use and if you feel that the best way to get your ideas across is by doing it on your own website or blog site, then go for it. All I ask is for the person to use their head and insure that the article they are linking to can be easily seen.

    Sites with ads are not reason for spamming either. CNN, BBC and Fox all have ads on their sites… yet millions of users across the net link to these sites. Other sites utilize things like Amazon Books or FTD delivery in order to try to earn a little money, as long as I don’t have to scroll excessively to reach the information I want because of ads… more power to them. Still, there are sites which have Adsense and other types of ads. Many free sites have ads set up of their own choosing.. none of these are Spam as well.

    In short, as you said, Just because some site has ads on it.. doesn’t give cause for the spam button to be used. In fact, Chris, I don’t even consider this stuff as Bad Taste. I don’t even consider pop ups on a page as bad taste, just as long as there isn’t some type of automatic sign up going on with the site. I like the right to choose whether I sign up or not, I also like the ability to choose whether I want to receive email from some place. All I ask of people is to not be obnoxious with this stuff. Use your heads.

    I may bark, but I usually don’t bite. I’ve found that if you approach people in a half-way decent way, they often will not bark and bite too. In fact many will explain their position, if they feel they are not being called a spammer or something else negative. It seems like a lot of people who tend to click the buttons first never learn this lesson.

  2. Posted June 17, 2008 at 8:31 pm | Permalink

    It sure gets confusing! I have ads on all of my blogs. The reason I have ads is because I believe in the products. I agree with what John said about all the advertising on the major sites such as CNN, BBC, and Fox, and almost every site you look at. I am not sure how people forget that there are real people behind most of the sites that show up on the social networks.
    It reminds me of my Sphinn experience. I am a banned Sphinn user. I am still not sure why. What really made me mad about that was that after they locked me out of their site they would continue to send me emails to get me to attend their conference for some outrageous sum of money.

    I am not bitter…lol.
    It would be nice that people would consider where people are coming from who are attempting to use the internet for their own business. When they join a social site you can tell who is the blatant spammer and who has genuine concern to make some friends, share some interests and form a bond of cooperation.

    If those friends see value in other friends products or services they will buy it or subscribe. If not they will move on. Just like the people who want to point the finger of blame should move on and seek some fun in life.

    This could turn into a full on rant but maybe I will see what is going on over at John’s blog.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

  3. Posted June 18, 2008 at 7:48 pm | Permalink

    One good reason to have ads on our sites and blogs is to help defray the cost of these things. I can’t fault people for wanting their blog or web site to pay for itself, nor can I fault the person for wanting to make a little money for themselves. I just prefer that people put these ads where they don’t interfere with the content. Now I do like Chris’s little yellow boxes on his blogs, they sort of separate the blogs and when I see one I know I am about to enter a new blog article. It’s sort of like a commercial during a TV show. When the commercial comes on, it’s time to go smoke or run to the bathroom. :)

    I don’t have an Ad Phobia, I just don’t like it when the ads force me to to a lot of unnecessary scrolling. A perfect place for the ads are in the side tables. In that way I can read the content and the ads can play on. As I scroll down the page I see the ads, but I only pay attention to them when something catches my eye.

    These social bookmarking and social media sites have the tendency to gather a better variety of people, but you still can find closed-minded people, shallow thinkers and even a few brownshirts running around. Just be happy you didn’t get an interest in Current Events or Politics. lol Those forums can get really nasty.

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  5. Posted April 22, 2010 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    I hate how people assume you are a “sell out” or spammer for having ads on a website or E-mail lists. Some people also think just because you sell e-books on your site, and want them to buy it from Clickbank that you are a scammer like comments I read on Youtube video about a guy who wants to sell his secrets to success for micro niche-marketing.

    I bet some of the people who report websites as Spam are just jealous that they are making money online while they have to work at a 9 to 5 job, or have no extra income from the internet.

    It is kind of sad that people don’t educate themselves on how the internet works before they report a website for spam because they are choosing to be ignorant by not googling “What is SEO, email marketing, adsense,etc?”

    I feel there is a small portion of the population around the world who hate marketing, capitalism, ads, and Commerce, etc. They feel it is their mission is to disrupt anything which is classified as capitalism.

    I don’t have a problem with Ads since they help pay for my webhosting fees. I will never report a website for spamming just because it has ads.