Google to Buy Digg Rumors Are Back

Imagine Google to buy Digg? Digg integrated into Google search, or Blogsearch. Digg buttons next to every search result? That’s how I see it!

Rumor mill (blogs) are on fire again about Google buying Digg.

Most recent and best documented article on Google to buy Digg

Okay, if this happens Google will integrate Digg with Blogsearch. We have already proved that Google will rank blogs better by how many Diggs they get.

There just happens to be one guy that knows more about Digg than anyone else except MyBabyMan, the #1 Digger. You know that obnoxious guy, Chris Lang?

That know it all that sells a book about how to get more Diggs. The guy that got a nobody blog ranked under “how to get more diggs” (that’s her at #4 outranking me) when it should have never been there? Yeah, that guy.

The Google to buy Digg rumors have been going around since the first of the year. Imagine how many Diggs you get being right next to your link in Blogsearch or in Websearch? Imagine your Digg comments being visible in Google search. Imagine that if you spam Digg you spam Google. Imagine that if you get buried on Digg you just got buried on Google? Imagine your Digg profile as your Google profile? Imagine that submitting nothing but you own content, like I have been talking about for the last six months being a negative indicator to Google? Imagine Kevin Rose on the Google board of directors? Maybe I shouldn’t have made so much fun of Kevin?

Kind of makes you want to buy that little report about Google social marketing before it doubles in price after Google buys Digg, don’t it?

The bottom line

If Google buys Digg then my 85 page book is immediately priced at $97. Don’t mean to be a greedy bastard but Google buying Digg would triple what my book is worth to you.


  1. Posted June 17, 2008 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    I won the book! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. How cool is that? It seems appropriate that Google would buy Digg. Digg is straight to the point and no nonesense like Google is. I do not really consider Digg a social site, but a place to find what you are looking for and if you have time leave someone a comment for pointing it out to you.
    Your book explains Digg better than anything I have ever read about it.

    It will be interesting to see what happens and when Google buys Digg what sort of changes there will be.

  2. Posted June 18, 2008 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    Usually one finds that the rumor mill is full of conjecture that never pans out, but if they look beyond what is said exactly – they will find many rumors are based on fact and some even come to pass. I’ve researched this Google/Digg rumor and my findings include the idea of “If Google doesn’t buy Digg, someone else will”. The only ones with the real capital to buy Digg are Microsoft and Yahoo. If Google is smart, they will out bid the competition and become the number one Social Site on the net.

    I always support the idea that people should buy your book, usually my support limits itself to those who can afford to buy your book (whether I say it or not).

    People spend their much needed money on the most unnecessary things anyway.

    People will buy Music or Video CDs, even though they are whining about gas prices.

    People will go out bar hopping, even though they complain how expensive food it.

    People will go buy unnecessary things for their computer, even though they complain about interest rates dropping on CD and Savings accounts.

    If people are truly interested in improving their rankings on the search engines and doing better on Digg, then this book is more of a necessity than a nicety.

    Now I don’t promote taking food out of your child’s mouth, or not buying diaper’s for the baby, in order to get this book.. and I don’t think Chris advocates that either. I do think that people might be able to give up blowing $50 at the strip club or driving 2 blocks to the store for a few trips instead of walking if they have to in order to buy the book. In order to buy Chris’s book I decided to not buy that extra carton of cigarettes. I figured I could wait a week until payday rolled around to get my cigarettes and stretch the packs I had left over to make it. It wasn’t that much of an imposition either because once I got your book, Chris, I became busier on the computer and was outside smoking less. So there are things people can do now so they don’t have to pay 2 or 3 times as much later.