Social Bookmarking Site That Brings Backlinks

This is my social bookmarks hub where I add my best social marketing finds, plus this social bookmarking site creates backlinks that Google loves.

Social bookmarking has been around for awhile. But there are social bookmarking sites that create backlinks to your blog. Most social bookmarking sites do not allow Google to give weight to the links back to your site. However I know of 16 social bookmarking type sites that do bring backlinks and this is my favorite.

If you do not write articles about social marketing, social networking or Internet marketing join this group anyways just so you get the daily email that Searchles sends out with a synopsis of any group that you are a member of. This way you will get one daily email with my best links in it and MY friends links as well.

Want to promote your blog and create backlinks to your site at the same time? There about 1000 other groups you can join where you can rate, friend and network with others of like interests.

Warning: DO NOT SPAM Searchles

Do not sign up to Searchles and do nothing but submit your own content. No salesletters allowed! That goes for any social site.

If you cannot get any of your Internet social friends to submit your content for you then at least use my 8 to 1 tactic. 8 good solid on topic articles and 1 of your own. And it had better be on topic if it is your own. If you submit you own blog post, wouldn’t it be kind of embarrassing if other social marketing site users accused you of spam?

There may be times when you do get accused of spam on any social site. However if you truly believe your article has merit for the topic that you submitted it under then at least you can defend yourself with dignity and honor. Not 2 words associated with many social site participants huh?

Social Marketing is my Group on Searchles and this is where I post all me best items that I do not have time to blog about. Sign up, join the my group and then look around, there is allot for you here.