How to Create a Google Profile for Google Social Bookmarking

Step #2 Create a Google profile for Google Social Bookmarking

Google’s navigation in this Google social bookmarking engine is awful. So here is how to create a Google profile.

Go to Chris Lang’s Google profile and look for the link “my profile” in the right hand side of the page.

It should be right next to your Gmail address.

Click that link and you should be able to create your own Google profile, add a picture and links to your sites.

Also if you have a Gmail address, look for an email from Chris Lang, chris at Open it and click the chevron next to the reply link and then select “add to contacts” and this should make it easier for you to become mutual friends with me or any contact. Also adding them to Google chat helps too.

You can also email me and ask me to add you as a friend. Also add me as a contact using my Gmail address: chrislang at

Let me know of any other problems you are having. Early adopters of this are going to have huge friends lists and large subscribers lists bookmarking their blog posts. This will crush your competition in Google quickly.

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    hi chris

    thanks for the info…I sent you a request.