Yahoo Buzz Not Covered By Chris Lang – Why?

Mr Negativity asks Chris Lang to Take His Nose Out of His Google Reader and Cover Yahoo Buzz. Aaahhh…. NO

My rather happy positive outlook is always poked at by someone, at one time it was my buddy, David Lee Venters. Now I have the Google Reader hater, app. He wants to know:

You seem to have missed some big news. I searched your blog and found no mention of this anywhere…not 1 single word! I think a digg-like service that will give you the opportunity to have your content featured right on the front page of is big news. Maybe you should take your nose out of google reader for just a minute and read this:

First off, social bookmarking traffic sucks so bad…. I won’t tell the rest of that joke but the only benefit of social bookmarking is the SEO return. 200 Diggs and you WILL zoom to the top of your search phrase in the title of the Digg post.

Why do I love Google Reader? Everytime one of my subscribers shares or bookmarks one of my post it creates 3 backlinks to my site. How does it do that? You can learn a lot more about Google Reader here…

Second of all I am getting ready for a big JV deal next week. I spend my time in my niche and that is social bookmarking from an SEO stand point. That is why my readers love me and that is where I stay. Oddly enough, that is what I sell information about. That is what I charge $97 an hour for my one on one consultations about.

I lived in FRAKIN poverty for NINE YEARS to get here, App. So don’t start your elitist tirade on me again either. I deserve and paid dearly for my success by sacrificing nine years of my life.

Social bookmarking does very little good for most sites except in cases where it brings backlinks to your site.

Yahoo Buzz uses redirects all thru the site, no backlinks and KeyWebData could be front page everyday of the week and I would not make one red cent from it. I wouldn’t even get a comment of two, buried is more like it.

Secondly, Yahoo Buzz is a waste of my time. The reason I ignored Google Buzz? The same reason I do not write about Stumble or Delicious, App. I write about SEO, traffic that converts and social bookmarking from a marketers standpoint.

App, you said:

“will give you the opportunity to have your content featured right on the front page of”

Please, anyone, do you think your site will go front page on Yahoo Buzz? Not unless you are writing about Christina Applegate’s breast cancer. App, you let me know when you are front page on Yahoo and let me know how you did from it. Meanwhile I will be making money and building subscribers and backlinks, while you seem to spend your time being negative…..


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    First of all, you have looked at my pic on MBL enough times to know by now that I am obviously female. Unless you want me to start referring to you as “she” and “woman”, be more observant and/or considerate.

    Secondly, I tried to tip you off on something you missed while your nose was burried in something else. I didn’t have to do that. I was being nice. Don’t expect any more tips from me. I’ll give them to someone else that can greater appreciate them from now on.

    Thirdly, for some people a greater SEO benefit can come from having their stuff submitted to more sites like digg, not less, even if those sites are using redirects like Yahoo Buzz does.

    The greatest source of traffic I have ever had came from backlinks on blogs. Lots and lots of buzz about one of my sites. THAT brings me traffic, even years later. That isn’t clicks direct from digg to my site…that’s clicks from blogs of digg users, and blogs of readers of blogs of digg users. Why couldn’t the same happen from Yahoo Buzz? You don’t even need to make the front page for something like that to happen, either.

    What is better than being on the front page of digg? What is better than 3 links from google reader?

    A single person who sees your link on another site (no matter what site it is, even Yahoo Buzz) and likes your content or product so much that they write about it on their blog. Then others see it…and they do the same, and so on & so on. A natural snowball effect.

    Even if google removed your site from their search engine, those links will still be there and people will follow them to your site.

    You can’t create backlinks like that artificially, by shoving your feed in google reader.

    Besides, what exactly do you get with people coming from Google search? What does all the hours of SEO work you do result in, ultimately?

    I’ll tell you.

    Hit & run info seekers that come to your site with 20 tabs open to 20 other sites just like yours. They grab the info they are looking for off the page they land on, and they go away never to be seen or heard from again. And they usually don’t spend money unless their intention was to open their wallet before they typed in the search terms that lead them to your site.

    This is great if you are a known trustworthy site selling cameras and your new visitor is looking to buy one. Or you are giving away free information and making money off adsense ads that entice info seekers to click. People that come from search engines that want info and they don’t care where it comes from, even if it is an ad that blends in with your content so much that they can’t tell at first glance that it’s an ad, because they have never been on your site before and they are unfamiliar with the layout. They want it and they want it now. That is why adsense works so well with traffic coming from google to your site, but not with your loyal regular readers.

    But if your product relies on trust, you will need referrals from loyal visitors and loyal users of your product…something you won’t get from any search engine because a search engine isn’t a trusted opinionated human. To get that you need BUZZ and people talking about YOU and your product and sending others to you. Old fashioned word of mouth advertising. It is their reputations that others trust that will initially rub off on you, and lead to money in your pocket…not your position on the search engines for certain obscure keyword phrases.

    When A-list blogs start talking about you, and by that I mean the really big ones like Lifehacker and such. When the senior editors of those blogs include a section in their latest book showcasing your product as the best thing since sliced bread and telling the world how much it has helped them, confessing that they are loyal users of your product, and thanking another blog for tipping them off about it (almost like how I tried to tip you off about Yahoo Buzz)…come tell me that ranking high in search terms, that nobody but you searches google for, got you there.

    Keep loving Google Reader. Go ahead. But you will have a hard time convincing people like me that think Google reader lacks the features I need to blaze through 1000+ feeds a day, to switch from my favorite desktop reader to Google’s slow web based trash. My productivity is worth more to me than your SERPs.

    You will also have a hard time convincing people like me that a privacy breech from revealing my main email address to the public, that I usually stay logged into Google with, is a good thing. And I am not about to create another for Google Reader, and go through the trouble to keep logging in & out of different names just to give you a boost in PR. I wouldn’t do it for anyone…not even my own family. And I wouldn’t expect anyone to do it for me.

    And just remember one very important thing. What works for you and your product doesn’t work for everyone and theirs. Presenting options that can work for others is better than assuming everyone is running another “get rich on the internet, now buy my book” site, that looks like a bad ebay ad, like yours. (btw, they are a dime a dozen)

    Maybe some of your readers actually are writing about Christina Applegate’s breast cancer. Ever stop to think about that? Maybe Yahoo Buzz is just what they need.

    Of course it’s all about you and what is right for you and your product here on this site and not about your readers and their needs. Sooner or later they will all see that and walk away, because they don’t care about you. That’s not why they are here. They are here because they care about themselves, their problems, and marketing their product…not yours. If all your site is about is how to put more money in Chris Lang’s pocket and they aren’t getting any in theirs unless they push your book for you, then they will get what they need from somewhere else, from someone that will tell them what they need to know for their particular situation and their product. Plenty of people out there telling it for free without pushing a book for them to sell for them.

    I initially came to this site from another, a site run by someone that I have some respect for. You made a comment there and I followed it. A comment left on a nofollow blog, which offers no SEO benefits. I didn’t come here from a search engine. None of your hours of SEO work brought me here.

    I stayed, hoping that sooner or later you would give me some information I could really use to put some money in my pocket.

    I also stayed because I liked you as a person and I liked your enthusiasm for what you do, even if none of what you write about is useful to me.

    There is nothing here that relates to marketing my product and getting it to put more money in my pocket. And since I haven’t found a single scrap of info here that I can use, I still can’t afford your book which is likely not to have anything I can use, either.

    Last month you were pushing digg, and I listened to you. I suffered through their bloated site that doesn’t work very well on my old slow computer. I started digging things, making friends, etc….just like you preached. It took me all day to add a handful of people as friends and digg a few links, but I did it.

    Then you turned on me like a rabid dog.

    I wrote a rant on my personal blog about what I was going through with using digg. I was ripping my hair out trying to do what you were preaching.

    When I found an easier way to digg things I got excited and wrote another post on another blog of mine, about how people with old slow computers can make the digg site more usable. Then I shared the link to it with you, as a friend, to let you know I was finding ways to do what you were saying here on this blog. I was in a very positive and happy mood, and my article more than reflected that.

    How did you react to what is a damn good article giving great advice to people that can’t use sites like digg because their computer is too slow?

    You ripped me apart for it, calling my suggestions useless. You became Miss Negative (yeah, I am giving you the same amount of gender consideration you gave me). You acted like everyone has a brand new computer and nobody has to suffer with an old one like mine. You acted like I wrote the article for you & your kind, and not the owners of old slow computers, which is the target audience of that blog.

    You came there bragging about yourself and your powerful friends and about marketing websites, and how much money you make…on a blog written for common people that have no interests in website marketing. It’s a blog about software that runs on old computers! By all rights I could have deleted it as spam, but I didn’t.

    You bashed me for helping people use websites that they couldn’t use before!

    And you ripped me apart for complaining that digg doesn’t work well on an old slow 233mhz, 64mb ram computer on 33.6k dialup, when all I did was tell a truth that anyone that has a machine with the same specs could tell you.

    And when I put you in your place for acting like a rich jerk on my blog because your comment was charged with a “hey all you poor people, get your crappy computers off my internet, you don’t deserve to be here” attitude, you came back with some crap about eating bologna sandwiches and riding a bicycle to work for 9 years, as if that somehow excuses you for your rude and inconsiderate behavior. It doesn’t.

    Even after all that, I forgave you and still tried to be a nice person to you.

    But I still don’t see how being a social butterfly on digg is going to drive traffic to my software site, make people download my donationware application, and then come back and donate after it changes their lives and turns them into more productive people, instead of being stingy bastards that keep their wallet sewed up tight. Emails from people crediting their phd to my software is nice, but food on my table is nicer.

    I have had more traffic this month resulting from a forum post complaining about a broken PAD file submission form on giveawayoftheday’s site a year ago, than I have received from following your digg related advice. As a matter of fact, I received no traffic from digg at all.

    The most I got out of following your advice is 2 articles written as a result of my sufferring and ripping my hair out with trying to use the digg site on my old slow pc, one of which you linked to in one of your articles, after bashing me for writing it, and resulted in a total of 3 hits from here. A very miniscule amount when compared to the traffic I received from other blogs linking to the same article, and am still receiving traffic from.

    All your digg suggestions have failed me.

    You say you write about getting traffic that converts…

    Now, if you can tell me how google reader can convert stingy people into ones that pay for donationware, I’ll come back.

    Otherwise, there is nothing here on this site that I am interested in, not even you, any more.

    And it wasn’t your content or lack of it that made you lose a reader and a potential friend…it was your lack of social skills that did. And I would say social skills are an important part of social marketing, wouldn’t you?

    Maybe you should work on that a little.

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    Let me reiterate.

    I do social bookmarking and SEO.

    I do leading edge technologies that apply to that topic.

    I do Digg and MyBlogLog.

    I am a know it all bastard that many people love to hate.

    That is who I am and that is who I will always be.

    My Digg strategies work because I use them my self.

    I sell my eBook for 67 bucks when it could easily go for 149.

    If my stuff does not work for you then there is nothing i can do about that.

    But the bottom line is I help people. Sure I make my money online and yes, my mastermind group has the whole Digg top 100 mutual friends and we got 400 Diggs the other day.

    Here is the bottom lin if you cant afford the book and you are professional as you are then you get it free.

    If I did not have respect for your opinions, I would tell you to go DEFRAG yourself and I do that often.

    The book is in the email in the AM. It takes work and commitment to do what I do, most don’t have what takes.

    We may all hate on the Digg top 100 but they have more focus and commitment than I do.

    If you want to suceed in social media you have to be positive and attack the thing, not throw in the towel and say it does not work the first day.

    I failed for nine years on the Internet, if I had quit trying when something did not work then I would still be waiting tables.