The Poster Child For All Future Digg Shouts

From the mouths of Digg babes comes the greatest insight into what is wrong with all of us on Digg

I was showing a friend of mine, a guy that does not even know how to copy and paste text, how to use Digg.

We call him Boomhauer, because he sounds just like Boomhauer from King of the Hill.

Now, this guy is a plumber, he is the MOST working class guy there is and he is my best friend and I don’t have many of the regular kind. This is the kind of guy you want as a friend when you get drunk and decide to fight the whole bar on Friday nite.


Now Boomhauer has no clue how cutthroat Digg is, with “Digg this” emails flying left and right without so much as a how do you do.

Look at what Boomhauer submitted,

He has no clue how “Digg this” everybody is, shouting crap just to get a few Diggs, he just thinks pure sports.

He found a really good article, the when he shouted it, this was his shout text….

this is more than just instant replay, this will decide the outcome of every team, every game. so come september, the team that might make the playoffs by a game, whether it be a home run or ground rule double, fair ball or foul down the line, will be there only because instant replay saved their ass…

If you judge his comment by the fact that he does not use Caps, never come to my blog again.

I copy and pasted it to his comments, but this should be a lesson for us all.

He has no idea that people shout stuff to get Diggs, and do it with no more concern for their friends list than to say “take a look” or “Digg this” to someone you have been mutuals with for five minutes.

He spent 5 minutes typing this shout text out with his two fingers that barely fit the keys, and really cared what he was sending to his 9 mutual friends.

If we treated our Digg mutuals with such respect and concern for quality, we would get Diggs on every submission before we even got the thing submitted.

They would be lining up in droves just to be our friends because the shout text was better than the FRAKIN article.

BTW, BCuban instantly Dugg it and will probably open every shout Boomhauer ever sends.

This should be a lesson to us all, the next time I shout something to my social bookmarking friends I am going to write a better shout than the article itself.

I get too concerned with money, writing the article that will make me known as the expert I am and traffic, conversions and all the numbers that I crunch. I forget that there are people no better or different than me, just people behind every number that I crunch, test and analyze.

This has been a truly eye opening, humanizing moment for me and I hope this changes the way I market my products in the future. If you catch me only seeing numbers and not people on my site, please call me out and slap me down. I will deserve it.

BTW, I still want you too add my feed to Google Reader, I am still a marketer at heart. Just click the Google button below. Have a good weekend!


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    I’ve always made a point to only share/shout those things that I truly found to be worth sharing. That’s how I act in my offline life so that’s how I act in my online life. I like to think that it works. People who are shouting at me every day end up getting deleted from my friends list.


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    I agree, I only shout items that I think deserve it and brings value to the person who is alerted to the Digg. However, watching my friend hunt and peck out that shout text, really opened my eyes to how Digg centric we all are.

    He labored over that thing, and really cared and considered what he wrote. That is what got me.

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    Hi Chris, great post and a reminder to all of us what fantastic opportunities we have for really connecting with people and getting the attention we crave for (as marketers and as human beings) IF we would just act NORMAL. How hard can it be?

    Glen Crosier
    Brighton, UK

  4. Barfly
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    I am happy to say, I don’t know or care what your point is or about Digg

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    @Barfly, to each his own. Sometimes I wish I was still a chef and just worked for a living and drank beer after work, not caring or worrying about the damned Internet. I tell most people that they don’t need a computer and their lives are less complicated without another wired appliance in their lives.

    Good god, I carry a Windows phone that is the hand-held equivalent if a computer everywhere I go and I swore I would never do that.

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    It comes down to the old fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, if we choose to shout, Twitter, feed and send to our list every time we burp, then after a while our audience will tune out the message. I feel this goes for every internet business, not just professional SEM’s and Marketers. Learn to seek relevance, value, humor perhaps and a concern for what your audience truly wants and then your voice will continue to be heard. Great post, Chris, thanks for sharing.

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    Being truly human and communicating like one?

    Good grief Chris, your messages are usually saturated with genuine emotion, so you can’t possibly have only just woken up to this.


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    It seems I may have spent a little too much time with my nose in my Google Reader.

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    Chris – I have to agree with you on this one…and Jonathan is 100% spot on! You and I are mutual friends on a couple of social sites and your communications always sound like you. You seam to be able to share your personality well online…..even when it’s one of your rants…I still get at least a couple of laughs and a couple of …”of course!” moments.

    I always try and approach my digg shouts as though I was speaking to just one person….not a group. I have noticed that if you don’t take yourself too seroisly and don’t be pushy, then your contacts are more likely to respond to your requests. A little bit of common courtesy (or not so common these days?) goes along way, so remember to use your P’s and Q’s- so to speak. – lol

    All the best

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