Google to Buy FeedBurner for $100 Million, RSS Marketers Go Wild reports that Google has trully seen the light this week, buying FeedBurner for $100 million cash. Yes, RSS marketers can now tell their friends “Look, I was right!” for not believing that RSS was the future of the web.

This Means A Number of Very Important Things…

  • Google will undoubtedly merge FeedBurner RSS Metrics with Google Web Analytics so RSS marketing will be more often and more easily measured.
  • Google now controls the largest feed network in the world, not to mention FeedBurner currently has 431,171 publishers who’ve burned 736,494 feeds (as of 29 May 07).
  • If Google is looking to add AdSense and AdWords to feeds will this make RSS feed comsumption more popular or less?
  • Will Google’s domination of outsourced feed generation, site and feed analytics stifle RSS innovation and development ala Microsoft? Will there only be innovation for the sake of aquisiton?

  • What is next? Aquisition of WordPress? Will Yahoo! or Microsoft respond by buying Pheedo?
  • If we post content that upsets Google will we get banned like this guy on
  • For a more positive review of the Google Feedburner aquisiton read Rok Hrastnik’s article.

    In all fairness I do want to congratulate FeedBurner on thier success. They have soldiered along in an unprofitable business yet all the time carrying the RSS banner while doubters and naysayers still say RSS will not go mainstream. – Chris Lang

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