Google RSS Feeds for Search Results in Blogsearch and FriendConnect Maybe

Is it just me or has no one else noticed RSS feeds for Google Search for Blogs?

After reading that RSS feeds in Google search is coming soon on WebProNews, quoting both SearchEngineLand and TheWallStreetJournal, I became somewhat confused. Why?

Because RSS feeds have been available in Google Blogsearch for a month now. Maybe longer, I dont’ know.

Just look for the bright orange RSS icon in any Google Blogsearch result at the end of the address bar in FireFox. If you are using Internet Explorer then the RSS icon on your toolbar will glow orange instead of being greyed out at it is when there is not a RSS feed available from the pages code.

Also all three articles say that this will be coming to Google search but there is no mention of the fact that it is already available for blog search. I am not quite sure when this started occurring but I have been using Google Search RSS feeds from Blogsearch for a month now.

Why is this important?

I can immediately keep up with who else is blogging about things like FriendConnect just by adding that Google search RSS feed from the SERPs page in Google Blogsearch.

Let’s start with a few screen shots since no one seems to have looked at the bottom of a blog search page.

First since many who read this blog use Google less than I do, so this is how you get to Google Blog search from any Websearch.


Now take a look for the RSS Icon in FireFox that is displayed in any blog search feed. It’s at the end of the address bar. This tells you there is an RSS feed available from any page in the browser.

Double click this and you can then embed the RSS feed in any RSS reader you care to use. I of course recommend Google Reader since this is part of the Google social network that is incorporated with FriendConnect.


But here at the bottom of Google Blogsearch are the links to where you can create email alerts, create an RSS gadget showing feed items for your site and and add the Blogsearch term feed to Google Reader.

This is extremely powerful since you can get breaking blog news from terms that you are either ranking under or terms that you want to follow closely.

RSS Feeds for search suck and why

The feed is a headline feed. It does not give me the article and to decide if I want to read the link I have to click thru every time. What the search engines don’t get is that I use an RSS reader to save time. It does not save me much time when you do not give me any more than the headline in the feed. Are you listening Google, how about you Yahoo or Microsoft?


I get more information than this in the Google or Yahoo search result.

A real RSS feed gives me the full article, not just some headlines. I would be better off just creating a shortcut to the Blog search term and opening it in a browser. The good news is that you can mark the feed links as “read” and you should not see the items again. That way you are actually seeing only the newly published links. Somewhat of a time saver.

The Bottom Line: What if….

What if Google decided to add a FriendConnect widget to Blogsearch?

They could easily do this since each Blogsearch term is identified as with a unique RSS feed.

We could find friends that read like blog articles without going to individual blogs.

We could make comments on the breaking news right in Blogsearch.

We could chat about what is going on currently and exchange information thru comments in the FriendConnect widget.

I will go out on a limb and say this is how Google is going to make search results social.

And why would I go that far out and start sawing the limb off behind me you ask?

Now you can add Blogsearch to Google Reader. Reader is a major part of Google’s social network along with FriendConnect, Gmail, and your Google profile and the Google Reader shared items. That is a complete social bookmarking and networking platform, without a doubt.

Integrate the portability of your Google friends network into Blogsearch with FriendConnect and you can begin to see how this is going to take over the world. Pinky and the Brain would be proud, Google. What a wickedly evil plan….

Google web search is pretty stale for me and I constantly end up clicking thru to Blog search since it is the new stories that interest me. Like this article here. It would not be found in Web search. If it was it would be over run with articles from TechCrunch and the like that have huge followings, PageRank 6 domains and when they do publish they get hundreds of track backs from other blogs that link to them.

So no matter what, I always end up getting buried by these guys in Web search. However many times I can outrank them in Blog search and stay at the top longer. This is good news for us one man show Bloggers. If RSS feeds get Blog search read more then there is many a chance for us to get discovered when we break a news item and get more RSS subscribers.

Blog search is not highly used or well known. The average Joe Internet users will tell you he hates blogs and never reads them. Most times these guys never know they are reading blogs.

So my question is…. Has anyone else caught this little gem or am I the only one besides ReadWriteWeb that has been using Google Search RSS feeds in Blogsearch?


  1. Posted January 12, 2009 at 10:00 pm | Permalink

    Hello, what do you mean by “A real RSS feed gives me the full article, not just some headlines.”

    RSS is a standardized format. It does not contain any nodes for full length articles. Even if it did, how many items would realistically be accomodated in one feed. RSS gives you the ability to go through items and then read through whatever interests you the most. That is its purpose.

  2. Posted January 13, 2009 at 4:51 am | Permalink

    @ Rafay Bin Ali, while you are right, RSS is a standard, you can still alter the format. Many blog posts offer no body at all, to read anything but the title, you have to click thru to the post.

    Many feeds only offer a description or synopsis and then you have to click thru to the post to read the body. RSS is a standard, the format is open to customization and interpretation.

    What I was getting at here is that most RSS subscribers DO NOT want to leave their RSS reader to read the body of the blog post. Hence, when you offer only a blurb of the body and not the full body text you make people unhappy because they do not want to leave their RSS reader to go to your blog.

    RSS is a XML coding standard, a format is just that, they are not the same thing. You do not have to add the XML tag, you can just leave it out and only display the headline. Make sense?