Digg Analytics Software – Promote My Site Suite

New Digg Analytics software, Promote My Site Suite, helps you find great articles, good active Diggers to friend, hot articles to comment on and tracks your Diggs on your submissions all in a dashboard that gives you a profile activity report.

This is a quick walk thru of what this Digg analytics software (actually a web application), Promote My Site Suite, does for you. This is just the dashboard view. There are five more tabs, each with it’s own reporting features.

Hot Digg Articles to comment on

The best way to do that is to look for Digg stories that:
  • Are Submitted by a Top Digger – These are the people with the best chance of getting a story to the front page.
  • Don’t have more than just a few comments – And preferably don’t have any comments. But if you can be one of the first three to comment, you’re in good shape.
  • Are on a story with enough votes – You want the stories you’re commenting on to have enough votes already that they’re likely to hit front page.
  • Are on Diggable Content – After you’ve gotten some experience, you’ll be able to easily spot stories that will make it to the front page. Concentrate on those stories.

You can take a look at my own walk thru of all the features and benefits of this Digg Analytics software here.