Top 10 Reasons McCain Lost the Election

McCain lost the election because Obama used social media so much more effectively

Seriously, it was the poor use of social bookmarking sites that did McCain in. While Obama’s use of social bookmarking and Digg in particular was a smear campaign full of unfounded information and conjecture, it had a huge effect. If anything, it simply overwhelmed the McCain social media marketers and they spent all their time playing catch up.

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UPDATE: This was original written as a pun between me and my followers on social networks. What has occurred though is it being taken seriously so this is the expanded version. Be sure to read the social analysis below my top ten list.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons McCain Did Not Get Elected and lost the election.

#1. They didn’t hire Chris Lang and John McGowan to run their Digg campaign.

#2. The didn’t buy Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics.

#3. The didn’t use my Digg Analytics software.

#4. All the McCain supporters got banned on Digg for using GreaseMonkey scripts.

#5. They didn’t pay Saleem, Babyman and Maki Maki enough to go front page on Digg.

#6. Kevin Rose never friended McCain back so McCain got pissed and said “digg this” Kevin.

#7. McCain’s site got banned by Digg for spam.

#8. He was too old to Digg, it sounded like some twenty something fad. “It will never last” he said.

#9. McCain still uses Windows 3.1 so he did not have a browser.

#10. He kept Digging and shouting his own stuff and used social bookmarking submission software.

BONUS. Trend Micro blocked his site.

If you want to be President someday who you gonna call?

Social media Analysis of the Obama campaign

Let me say first that I support neither candidate and this post has no political orientation. What this is about is that the Internet was used effectively to rouse a crowd that normally ignores and does not consume main stream media. I am a generation older than this crowd, but I have not watched mainstream television in 10 years.

I consume MOST of my media and open social interaction thru the Internet and so does most of the 20 to 35 year olds I know because they grew up with it. It is on demand and there when you want it and comes with little commercial interruption.

Obama can spend TRILLIONS and it would not effect most of this 20 to 35 group. Where he did spend money wisely was the social media campaigns that blanketed blogs and social bookmarking / networking sites. Obama simply got his point across more effectively that McCain.

Even if they do not believe or have no opinion of a person, brand or product, most internet users can be swayed in your direction if you do it anonymously and a little bit at a time. You cannot shove direct sales promotions down Internet blog readers throats. You plant the seeds a little at a time creating a positive atmosphere and let the consumers of this media make their own decision. If you do this correctly they will make the decision you want.

It was on Digg especially that this was extremely effective. True Digg does not have the user base that it once did and I cannot publish the numbers that I know are true.

However Kevin Rose does publicly say that Digg gets 27 million visitors a month. Exactly how those numbers add up we don’t know.

What we do know is that Digg will rock the top of a Google term for a short period of time but at least a week. In that time how many more page views are generated by Google users searching for news on something they heard at the water cooler?

Obama’s social media campaign was very well handled and I could not have done it better. This is how it went:

#1. Publish anti McCain breaking news on blogs popular in social bookmarking, like, gauranteed to go Digg front page every time.

#2. Mobilize social bookmarking / networking influencers to bring the content before their followers on a site like Digg where Google will find this as a positive indicator. This was done highly on Facebook.

#3. Take the post to the front page of Digg where it is consumed by even more and receives more Diggs and passes more Google juice on.

#4. Now you have taken the single article, driven millions of visitors past it, driven it to the #1 position in Google for any search of the buzz words and now will remain there positioned to change opinion just one blog post at a time.

#5. Lather, Rinse, Repeat crafted to be popular on any social site.

NOTE:Digg was used as an example here. I am NOT saying Digg got Obama elected. Other wise we would be seeing five years of President Kevin Rose and his VP Jay Adelson.

This may not sound like it could get a president elected, does it? But when you add up 100s of 1000s of media pieces that are everywhere you go, Facebook, Digg, Searchles, Furl, MySpace, Propeller, Yahoo Buzz etc, you are talking 250 million social profiles from around the world that do not go a day without being bombarded by an anti McCain blog post, social bookmark or an email from a social friend.

Now let’s add word of mouth about a McCain is dirty Internet piece that is shared at the water cooler. Do you see how this works? Just a matter of planting the seeds.

How is this going to effect the future of social media?

Barack Obama wins the 2008 Presidential Election on is the most popular Digg story ever.

Barack Obama & John Mccain: A 2008 Presidential Election Search and Social Marketing Analysis

Current this has 32,419 Diggs and 2,994 comments. Make up your own mind if social media had an affect.

This has been the most effective and properly handled social media campaign to date. You will see is more of this not that someone has figured out how to use social media very well and for the next year at the most it will be very effective.


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    Here is a great post on how social media campaigns affect non profits: Lessons for Advocacy Groups in Obama’s Victory.

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