I Pledge 40% of My Income To Save American Families Homes

I am closing both my new products to affiliates and putting that money into an affiliate account to help American families facing foreclosure

Today I celebrate my first full time year on the Internet but there is something that concerns me even more. Those that have not had the luck I have in this last year. Those that wonder how they are going to feed their kids and where they are going to live. These people are called Americans.

Let’s take this slow so it is easy to understand.

Normally I pay 40% of my products sales out to affiliates. To be able to sell large amounts of product I need big affiliates that will drive tons of traffic. They get 40% of every sale. It’s how business is done on the Internet.

Instead of putting that 40% into some person’s pocket that is already rich by most working class standards, I would rather take that money and save a family facing foreclosure.

So, I am going to no longer pursue super affiliates and instead: I have set an affiliate account to hold 40% of all sales. Anyone who buys through the links below will be sending 40% of the sale into that special affiliate account.

Both my products are members only info product sites and the cost is only $27. The billing is thru 2Checkout.com. $11 of every sale goes into the affiliate account and will remain there until it goes to pay off a families foreclosure directly to the bank.

We will be starting slow in my own city: Mesa, AZ. If I can save just one family from being tossed in the street by the greedy banking system we put up with, I will have been successful. At best I will be able to save 5 families a month. That’s $50,000. I will offer full disclosure and be detailing the process fully.

This will not become a money sucking scam non profit

More than anything this will not become a money sucking non profit paying me or someone else 100K a year as CEO. I will handle the funds myself, offer full disclosure here on this site and try to deliver as much as I can directly to the American families that we need to support.

If I have to handle it myself and save one family from losing their home, one family at a time, I will.

I am trying to set an example here

What if every business owner in America did the same thing? Save just one family from losing their home. JUST ONE FAMILY!

The disaster that is befalling Americans like you and me would be over like that.

What if say, The Macaroni Grill donated $1 of every entree sold to save American homes?

What if say: Microsoft donated $2 of every Windows license?

What if say: HP donated $3 of every PC and Laptop sold?


What if Frank Kern, Eban Pagan, StomperNet, Jack Humphrey, Howie Schwartz, and all the other MILLIONAIRES on the Internet just saved one family? I think they can afford it, don’t you? After all they tell us they can teach us to be rich like them. They certainly and afford $10K to save one family from foreclosure and being thrown in the street. Save kids from being thrown in the street?

Or at least I would hope so…..

It’s worse than you think in America

The government ain’t gonna save our neighbors homes. They already gave Trillions to the banks. What did they do with the money? Bought other banks!! Yeah, Obama’s gonna save America. How many more families will loose their homes in the next six months though?

The only thing the feds have done so far is fund a crappy program with $450 million, that only 300+ have applied for and only accepted 133 families.

Meanwhile 3 MILLION homes have been repossessed. The worst part is that those homes are not in MLS or on the market yet. When those 3,000,000 homes go up for sale it will kill the already disastrous home values in America.

It will kill your home’s value.

Your own home will soon be worth less. Can you not see that if we the people do not put a stop to this now, we all are in for a shit storm of proportions we cannot even imagine?

I pledge that if I have to save one family, one American home, your neighbor, KIDS, from being thrown in the street by a greedy bank that just wants money I will. If I have to do it one family at a time, myself, go to the bank and pay the damn mortgage off I WILL. If every business owner in America did the same we could put a halt to this now.

How can you help?

Anyone in American can help, anyone anywhere really. All you have to do is send traffic to the links below or just to this blog post. The link will do the rest. The buy link at the bottom of both products salesletters has a unique affiliate ID and it is 1345815.

When anyone buys thru the link below, 40% of every sale goes into the unique affiliate account I just set up, to save an American family.

When next month’s billing comes, another 40% of THAT sale goes into that affiliate account. And the month after, and the next month, for the life of the subscriber.

After 6000 sales, there will be $66,000 a month I will have to save at least 6 families from foreclosure. After I pay taxes on my end, I will make less than the fund will disburse. I think that is fair. Hey, I am going to be rich this year off these products either way. This way I can help someone. Why give the affiliate money to someone who does not need it?

Think about this, you could easily do the same.

I have already hired one person to handle this and will be soliciting more donations of time and resources to handle the workload.

We will be starting in Mesa, AZ, by next month, paying off mortgages that are at imminent foreclosure. We will start close to home and hopefully spread out. American families with kids will come first and as I work out the requirements I will be making them public.

Here’s the links





Anyone can add these to their blog. Anyone can tell their friends about KeyWebData.com. Anyone can help and it start’s today. The money goes in the bank from now on thru these unique links.

If you add these links to your blog be sure to let me know, anyone doing so will get a track back from this blog post and I would like to make sure the links work properly. You can just link to this blog post with out the links if you wish and I will take care of the rest. This does not depend on cookies, all links are hard coded and bulletproof. The money will go to the right place.

I am being interviewed by John Assaraf today

John Assasaraf, of “The Secret” movie fame, is interviewing me today over the phone. He sounds like a good place to start with this. What more luck could I have? If you want to help in any way, let me know. Just sending traffic to the links and making this known will save a few families here and hopefully lead the way for other to follow.

My Horoscope said this yesterday:

Virgo – 1-15-09 You will be the recipient of a beautiful gift today, although it won’t be a material good. Someone will give you the gift of understanding something new. You are developing a deep and meaningful appreciation for the subtle connections between people — when two strangers can look each other in the eye and immediately understand each other. An innocent conversation meant to kill time will plant an idea in your head that you will be tossing around for days.

I Love My Yahoo Horoscope. – Chris Lang


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    Chris, what a terrific idea, thanks for leading by example. John Assaraf is an amazing guy. I had the privilege of being mentored by him for six months in his first “Having it All Challenge”. I’m sure he’ll have an abundance of ideas and insight for you, he’s big on giving back. Hope you get a mention in his blog. ;)

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    Thanks Denise, I have gotten nothing but great feedback from my personal contacts. Blog about this and give me a link here and let’s start getting this thing moving forward.

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    Thank you for this post and your efforts. I am a Virgo as well and your last paragraph applies and actually manifested itself into reality for me yesterday much to my surprise. And yet I am no longer surprised when these things happen.

    We are truly only responsible for ourselves. When I change me it affects the people around me as well. Oftentimes in profound ways. Your efforts in helping out in these challenging times are needed. But if you really take a look at how you arrived at this point it was you that made the change. You came to the realization that you could make a difference. It was you who changed your mind. You can not change anyone else’s mind. But when you change your own the ripple affect can be nothing short of incredible.

    The obvious benefit now will be the thousands of folk who subscribe to your service, buy your products and the families that will benefit directly from that and those you are assisting financially. This is helping so many people simply because you changed your mind.

    The best way to lead really is by example.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    Best regards,
    David Tomen

    p.s. I truly wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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    Chris, this is a great idea… I will certainly be forwarding your links to everyone I know. You’re right… if those that are making plenty of money would just share the wealth a bit, we could get out of this mess without the government intervention which usually screws things up more than they help.

    I would like to offer an additional way to help. We are helping homeowners obtain loan modifications. We see many, many homeowners attempt to negotiate new terms with their lenders only to end up with terrible terms. Lenders must be coerced into offering better terms to their borrowers so that the payments become manageable for the homeowner. Instead, the lenders are just looking out for themselves.

    The best way to get fair new terms on your mortgage is to have attorney representation. But many homeowners cannot or do not want to pay for attorney representation. I have a package of the correct forms needed to get a loan modification and I make that available to homeowners for free. I still recommend using a law firm but what I would like to do is to offer teleseminars as assistance for those people that download the forms package from my blog . If you can help me spread the word, I will offer those homeowners that download the forms a series of free teleseminars that will teach them exactly how to best negotiate new terms with their lender.

    Together, we should be able to help hundreds of homeowners.

    God Bless,

    Ron Borg

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    Chris this is a great idea. What if the biggies like Mike F, Mike D., Jane M, All the Chris’s, and those who brag on how much they make every day or month by showing the innocents (like me) their copied receipts on their sales pages…well what if they did something similar with just one of their products, or 10% of their earnings?

    We have seen Paul Newman(RIP) donate all his profits from one of his products to charity, and now Rachael Ray is doing that with her dog food.

    When you think of what you do not need to have in order to help someone keep a roof over their head it is a noble gesture.

    Perhaps you should contact Bloggers Unite about this too.

    Best of Luck in your quest. I knew I stayed home from work today for a good reason.

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    This is a wonderful thing you are doing Chris. More power to you and the interview with John Assaraf!! I’d like to see/hear it so I hope you make it available. God Bless

  7. Binh Nguyen
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    Hi Chris,

    I am doign something very similar except a portion (50%) of the monthly income goes towards saving a child for WorldVision. It makes you feel good to know you’ve helped make a difference in other people’s lives.


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    I hope someday to be in a position to do this too!! Right now I happen to be one of those families (samll family..just me and my son) facing foreclosure here in Florida. I am hoping to come out whole..we will see.

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    The level of apathy here amazes me. NOT ONE OF YOU LINKED to the post. Do you see any trackbacks? On Mixx Rocque submitted the post. It got 10 Mixxes. My grandmother got ten Mixxes when she died.

    On Sphinn, they deleted Don Draper’s sub of this post. I told Danny Sullivan that owns Sphinn to go defrag himself. This is why America is in such trouble. Because no one cares.

    I will not give up and I will make it very public that people like Danny Sullivan, one of the most powerful people on the Internet would not even take the time to re-enable Don’s post and maybe even, GEE I DON’T know, maybe click the Sphinn button himself.

    I do want to thank Rocque, Don for your bookmarks and all that commented back here.

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    Here are the numbers on yesterday’s post.

    * 231

    * 273

    * 1.18

    * 89.61%
    Bounce Rate

    * 00:00:32
    Avg. Time on Site

    * 87.01%
    % New Visits

    0 incoming links

    The level of apathy here is amazing.

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    No wonder America is in such trouble, no one cares. When 3 million homes that are currently yet to be listed in MLS come on the market and all your homes plunge in value will you all care then?

  12. Posted January 17, 2009 at 8:56 am | Permalink

    Walt, thanks for being the first to link here. I appreciate your understanding of what I am trying to do and your belief in the fact that this is going to lead the way for other, more powerful marketers to hopefully do the same.

    I have run this past my most knowledgeable contacts in business and they have advised me on how to handle this so that the money goes to the families and not to a non profit that eats up the revenue.

    Hence, this will become a very legal and IRS sanctioned non profit source of revenue that will help those that need it.

    Take a look at Walt Goshert’s link above and please do the same. Also when you link here you will get a trackback from my blog just like the one above. All you have to do is create a blog post with a link to this post and WordPress will do the rest.

    If you do not use WordPress (which supports trackbacks), say like a Blogger blog, just submit a comment below with a link back to your linking post and I will approve the comment here.

    Thanks again Walt.

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    Here is what another of my subscribers had to say to my effort to help people less fortunate….

    Begin email 1-17-2009:

    I really didn’t want to leave this in a public comment on your blog, so I am sending it to you in private so only you will see what I have to say. (I am trying to be kind, while being very blunt & truthful)

    If you didn’t just tell people out of one side of your mouth, to bust their butts spreading your links far & wide, so that you can be a millionaire by the end of this year, while you attempted to tug on their heart strings with what came out of the other side of your mouth, perhaps you might have had a better reaction and more people linking to this post.

    When people do the easy math, it’s easy to see the real motivation and feel that your generosity is false, even if you really do follow through with your plan.

    6000 subscribers * $11 per subscription = $66,000/month to charity

    12 ( 6000 ($27 – $11) ) = $1,152,000/year for Chris Lang

    When I told people to buy an extra meal each week when they do their grocery shopping and to donate it to their local food pantry on the way home from the supermarket, I made a much stronger impact, because I did NOT tell them to send me the food, promising that I would give my local food pantry 40% of what they send me, while keeping the rest for myself to feast upon till I popped.

    Do you see the difference? Do you understand?

    And you might want to read more than just Yahoo’s horoscopes from now on. AOL’s seems to be a lot more accurate for you today:

    Well, thank you for your honesty.

    I will make that much money either way.

    I have a JV deal already on the table that will make me the same money.

    I make the same either way. It is called being in business. Plain and simple.

    After I pay taxes on that amount I will clear less half that much. Once again, this is called being in business.

    Both of my products could easily be priced at twice what the $27 I am charging and both products return 10 times the value of what I charge.

    But instead I am giving what would be the affiliate commission to my own non profit that I am setting up out of my own pocket and administering it out of my own time.

    After all the favors I have done you, giving you a free copy of my $97 book, helping get DonationCoder’s site unblocked by Trend Micro for free? You accuse me of this crap?

    And how does creating a blog post linking to mine that takes two minutes to write come to be defined as “busting your butt?”

    I would have thought you above all would have championed my efforts. Especially after you have repeatedly accused me of being all about my money and my reputation. Bye Bye App.

    Thanks for the severe disrespect. I am glad to see you do not care either and would rather spend your time trying to shoot me down.

    Let me make this real clear. I am dedicated to this project and I will carry it out with or without your help.

  14. Posted January 17, 2009 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    The reaction here is just unbelievable, I am taking money and sales out of my pocket to try to do something for those I can. I am a working class guy that has lost everything 3 times. I know what it is like to lose everything and be tossed in the street.

    I have turned down a major JV that would already be bringing in the sales that would make me quite a bit of money. Instead I am putting myself and my business in limbo to try to do this and I get accused of crap like above?


  15. Binh
    Posted January 17, 2009 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    Hi Chris,

    No offense to you mate, but I think when you ask for a favour, that you only hope they do that favor. If they do it, that’s good, it’s a bonus. If they don’t, then bad luck. I don’t think you should expect it from them and that when they don’t help you, you get annoyed. That, to me, is not the right attitude, especially when you’re trying to convey the message that you care for other people.

    Just my thoughts though mate.


  16. Posted January 17, 2009 at 6:34 pm | Permalink


    Thanks for your feedback. But the amount of negativity to this is just killing me. I am trying to do something here that will help us all. That fact that people would rather call me a scammer than realize I am giving half my sales up amazes me.

    I am not asking anyone to help me.

    I am asking people to help families that are being thrown in the street keep a roof over their heads and take care of their kids.

    The fact that instead many seem more intent on tearing me down than helping others really annoys me. And I am going to say just how I feel about it. If that hurts me, my products and my Chris Lang brand, then so be it.

    If you have followed me here on KeyWebData.com you know that I say exactly what I feel, no holds barred. That has always been my intent here and always will be.

    I don’t expect anyone to help me, I do expect that Americans that have a roof over their heads MIGHT help other Americans less fortunate.

    If the Bloggers in America don’t want to help then I will find people who will. Instead of bringing good instant Kharma to your lives you are instead bringing negativity to us all.

    I interviewed a number of people I met when I was out last night celebrating my first full time year in social marketing circles and every group said they just don’t care. That is just pathetic.

    You think things are bad now, just wait until 3 million homes come on the market at rock bottom prices. How many more families will lose their homes while we all stand by?

    If I did not convey my agitation from this I would not be Chris Lang. I have always told it like it is and never held back and I am not going to start now. I don’t run from bullies and today is not that start of that either.

    I am finding out fast who is my friend and who is not. If you think I am out to line my own pockets here please unsubscribe from my newsletter, remove my feed from your RSS reader, don’t follow me on Twitter and never return to any of my sites again. Is that plain enough? We don’t need you here and I don’t want your negativity. I will do this thing with or without your help.

    If anything your negativity and name calling has only made me even more committed. There are more emails that I won’t even publish here. I just want you all to know how pathetic I find the lack of concern here.

    If I was out to line my own pockets I would be keeping the profits and not even attempting this. I would be spending my time driving traffic to my salesletters, not wasting my time writing yet another reply defending myself.

    If I can save just one family from the street then I will have accomplished what I set out to do here.

  17. Binh
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    Hi Chris,

    I am not accusing you of anything like that mate, never have and never intend to. If I learnt ANYTHING in the past few months, it’s not to focus on what holds us back, but to focus on what will bring us forward. If you choose to focus on the negativity from others, you will just attract more of it to your life. If I were you, I’ll just move on, and do what I can to make this project a success.

    My good friend and mentor (you know him too, his name is Sean Rasmussen), told me that for everyone who accuses you of being a bad person, there are 100 other people who are quietly cheering you on in the background. Don’t let that one person(or a few people) hold you back. He was taught this by his wise mother and I’ve kept it with me ever since.

    I hope you can see what i’m trying to get at with this message Chris. Forget the negative stuff, focus on moving forward mate.


  18. Posted January 17, 2009 at 7:47 pm | Permalink


    First of all, knowing you from our talks and the way you’ve run your business and treat your subscribers, I know your heart is in the right place here. Anytime a business owner steps out to solve problems, rather than wait for government solutions, it’s a good day in the U.S.

    The responses puzzle me… how long does it take to post a quick link? Post a Tweet? Shoot an email to your list?

    I’m astonished that one of your subscribers that you gifted an ebook,that you’ve given help on your dime, would choose to spend that time to calculate how you’re about to become a millionaire and send you a self-rightous email. One of the most pathetic responses I’ve seen to a simple plea for help anywhere.

    And Binh, first you post a comment patting yourself on the back for doing something similar with WorldVision, (good for you…)yet, you leave a second comment that you’re annoyed with Chris’s passion about calling people to action here. If you’ve followed Chris, read his posts, talked to him… would you expect anything less from him?

    Hey, Chris isn’t asking anyone to buy anything here, he isn’t asking you to donate anything…

    All he’s asking you to do is to link to this post and help him spread the word.

    John Assaraf interviewed Chris yesterday, He thought Chris has a pretty good idea here. John will spread this message to his 250,000 subscribers… who believe in ABUNDANCE because of the message John helped spread in The Secret.

    Do you believe in ABUNDANCE?

    Then step up here.

    Help Chris spread the word.

    Help save people from foreclosure.

    Yes, even help Chris become a millionaire.

    You might even help yourself become a millionaire because for the very first time you stepped into and embraced ABUNDANCE.

    P.S.— I just watched a Date Line special, “Miracle on the Hudson”… didn’t hear too much apathy going on among the people on Thursday’s flight or the rescue folks.

    Chris has “landed the plane in the middle of the Hudson” here. Who’s gonna jump in their boats, or swim out, and help him rescue the survivors?

  19. Binh
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    First of all, I never said anything about being annoyed at Chris. Secondly, I never said I wasn’t going to spread the word either. I plan to. I just haven’t put it on the top of my priority list, but it’s on there.

    The whole point I was trying to make across to Chris is not to let these few negative people affect him and move on. I think it’s great that Chris wants to help these families from foreclosure and I support that. But with all favors, in the end, it’s a favor, and you don’t “expect” when asking for a favor. You simply just be grateful when the favor is returned. Even when they don’t do you the favor, you should be grateful that they spent 10 minutes of their time reading your post. That is how I see it.

    It’s the internet, and words can be easily misinterpreted. But if you choose to focus on the positives in life, you won’t run across this problem. I am a big fan of The Secret and I choose to live in abundance. That is why I choose to ignore the negative influences around me and only focus on the positives.


  20. Posted January 17, 2009 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

    I guess you really don’t understand. My email to you was intended to be your wake up call…a reality check. Too bad you are incapable of cashing it. That kind of poverty is a greater kind of poverty than any I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I feel really sorry for you.

    Since you seem to want to make this public, I’ll make you happy just this once more. And I’ll be taking off the kid gloves this time.

    What you don’t seem to realize is just how much I really do know you and can see right through you.

    You are a fake…a 100% phony. But I tried not to let that stand in the way of our friendship, because even jerks like you need friends, and you looked like you could use all the help you could get, which I have given you many times, when your requests were ethical.

    Thanks for the free book…it was worth the price I paid for it. ($0)

    I always wanted to know how to make a page that looks like a bad ebay ad and then abuse my friends on digg and make them look like spammers, then taking orders for “whatever” using software that would likely end up causing my server to get hacked, sooner or later. (maybe THAT’s why you got blocked by Trend Micro)

    And do you really have a contact at Trend Micro? Or are you puffing yourself up again, like you always do? If it’s just more puffing, then I wasted my time with that email chock full of advice on how to get yourself into what could be a really profitable business with no competition. One I could have really helped you market, and not charging you for it. One where your success would be a badge of honor to be proud of.

    When I sent you a link on digg, I got a sob story about how you were betrayed by friends and lost your digg account just the day before (and all your friends along with it, it seems)…no digg, not even one…after all the links I dugg for you.

    And Mixx? You don’t seem to be able to muster the same kind of power there that you claimed to have on digg. As a matter of fact, you don’t seem to be able to muster that kind of power anywhere. You forget that I have friended you on quite a few of these sites and can see what you do?

    And let’s talk about Friendfeed for a moment. Have you added ALL of your services like I suggested? Do you make comments? Do you click the “like” link? How many followers do you have? And who exactly is following you? Of the stuff you are sharing, how many comments have you gotten from others? How many likes? And from who?

    Looks pretty pathetic to me: http://ffholic.com/UserInfo.aspx?f=08507358-a6ab-11dd-af4a-003048678d04

    2 activity points? 2 comments in the last 24 hours on your posts and they are both from you. And nobody has liked any of your stuff. You haven’t had a like or comment from anyone else since November 27th when you got one from me. You are not doing too well utilizing the concept of FOAF that is the driving force behind Friendfeed. It’s the granddaddy of social bookmarking and networking sites and you are failing miserably at it. And it’s so damn easy to do it right. (share, comment, like, repeat)

    I have seen how clueless you really are about these things, and I have read you book which is more of the same cluelessness. And the majority of your followers are just as clueless. It’s like the blind leading the blind through the world of social networking. Quite laughable.

    But hey, I have other clueless friends that I can get along quite well with, so that really wasn’t an issue that should affect our friendship.

    But lying, and puffing yourself up instead of being real, and trying to take advantage of people does affect our friendship.

    Did you honestly think me, of all people, could post about this new get rich quick scheme of yours on my blog and still be able to sleep at night? You obviously don’t know me at all. (I might be able to muster up some negative publicity with some nofollow links, though, if you want. Just keep pushing my buttons.)

    If your heart really was in the right place, you would have that blog post from me already, and tweets, and a whole lot more. If it wasn’t driven by greed, I’d be behind you 100%…and so would EVERYONE else. The few supporters you have that can’t see the greed that is your motivation are fools and them blogging about this as something good is making them look foolish.

    When you figure it out and get a clue, you’ll finally have some real success in something that matters, and something real to write about, and the world will beat a path to your door, and you won’t have to puff yourself up to look big any more.

    And since I am so tired of explaining this stuff to you over & over, you are on your own now. Goodbye.

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    “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

    Martin Luther King Jr.

  22. Posted January 17, 2009 at 11:12 pm | Permalink

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    Martin Luther King Jr.

  23. Posted January 17, 2009 at 11:22 pm | Permalink

    @Binh, What I had to say above is not directed at you.

  24. Posted January 17, 2009 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

    I just saw these posts on my phone while trying to take the night off from this. Walt and Binh, I thank you both. You inspire me to believe in the good nature of people.

    I also got out of bed just to make sure that the vile nature of people does not invade my day tomorrow. You can guess who I am talking about and I won’t even bother to read your nasty, vile, malicious, pathetic spewings. I have done nothing but try to help you App, and you repay me with this kind of low self esteem BS.

    I am glad I live the life I do and you can stew in your self hatred. I truly feel sorry for you App. Please, NEVER bring you hatred and negativity here again.

    I am starting tomorrow off in a new light due to your encouragement Walt and Binh. Please tell Sean I also value his friendship here and behind the scenes as well.

  25. Posted January 17, 2009 at 11:59 pm | Permalink

    As far as the world beating a path to my door, they already did and I had my business doing $3K a week in sales. Then Trend Micro destroyed by business with a false positive and blocked my site world wide.

    I lost everything and was even homeless for a day. I was homeless for the second time in my life and lost everything I had for the third time. It is due to this, the fact that anyone can have everything going and then lose everything that I am dedicated to this cause and know that it can happen to anyone.

  26. Posted January 18, 2009 at 2:54 am | Permalink

    Hi Chris

    Walt is right, and I know what you are talking about I was evicted from my 1 bed studio flat in 2002

    In one way its Noble what your doing but when you have affiliates its not just about the money

    if you have 100 affiliates and they all make say 1000 dollars and you give 40% that away rather than do it the way you are wanting to then both people win.

    Look ahead in 2 yrs and you suddenly turn round to your past affiliates and say I have a great product which to promote

    what are they going to do , some are gonna say why should I bother when in 3 mnths time your gonna give the money to some other cause

    if your affiliates make you 1000 sales and you give 40% that way that’s better than giving your affiliate commissions away

    yes your doing the right thing but in a slightly wrong way

    Two people I met when I first got into Internet Marketing Corey Rudl and Marlon Sanders make millions from their affiliates and then gave a % of the overall profits away, Corey once said one affiliate of his did 400,000 dollars in sales now Imagine if he was your affiliate and you gave away 40% that profits Instead of saying he couldn’t earn his comissions

  27. Posted January 18, 2009 at 7:09 am | Permalink


    It would be a great thing if I could pay affiliates 40% and put 40% into a non profit and then pay the government 35% in federal taxes and the state of Arizona 10% for state taxes. Then I could turn around and have my own non profit organization save my house from being taken by the bank.

    But David, these are both new products, they don’t have any affiliates. Third, all my affiliates ran for the hills when Trend Micro wrongly blocked this site and I have yet to have but ONE person contact me for my new affiliate program.

    Finally David, due to the Trend Micro blocking, I am as broke as the people I want to help. If you look directly below this post, you can see my affiliate program is still there. Anyone is more that welcome to go generate $400,000 in sales for me. I don’t see anyone chomping at the bit.

    We know each other’s sense of humor and forthright way of speaking out mind David, but I am not taking any money from affiliates. Because there have been about 5 sales since Trend Micro came to town. I have been eeecking by on work for clients at the rate of a few hundred dollars a week.

    Since my big birthday weekend when sales were at $5k I have never made more than $500 in a week. I have seen days where I did not eat, had to move to a weekly rental and trick or treated for my dinner.

    David, if I had an affiliate making me $400,000 a week, I would not be sitting here writing this, I would be shaking the hands with the family who I just saved from the street. Where did any of you get the idea I was rich? Why do so many of you seem to read so many evil things into what I do?

  28. Posted January 18, 2009 at 10:41 am | Permalink


    Why waste so much time defending yourself? Understand that there will always be detractors ready to be skeptical of motivations. Put this into perspective. Those people don’t matter. Some are competitors on some level (including ego-driven) and some simply will never understand. Some of the feedback I’ve read is not worth the time to read, and is certainly not worth dignifying with a response. I know you are being altruistic. More importantly, you know so. Don’t let them affect you.

    I’d suggest that you consider a couple of issues that may be subconsciously causing some of the negative reaction.

    (1) Would be best to have an established third party handle the donations. Maybe a bank or escrow company will want to
    participate. This will prevent any chance of unwarranted nuisance accusations. Don’t make the naive mistake that a recognized third party administrator isn’t important. It’s critical.

    (2) It’s also essential that you establish and disclose any expenses related to this that will reduce the net.

    (3) There are laws about how one must set these structures up and that dictate who would be eligible
    for benefits (I don’t think you can arbitrarily decide who gets helped). Even first come, first served, how are they to apply? Talk to an attorney who would be also willing to donate their time.

    (4)This essentially becomes a non-profit and is regulated by IRS rules. Again, check with an accountant who will also donate time. Disclosure is the key to preventing suspicions. As long as you set this program up legally and disclose everything, you’ll have the last laugh and satisfaction that you made a difference.

  29. Posted January 18, 2009 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    @Steve, thanks for all the great advice. And a number of things I should clarify.

    Yes, a non profit, IRS sanctioned, non profit will be set up. It goes in the works Monday.

    Yes, full disclosure will be available here, or on a dedicated website.

    I need hire no one but one assistant at most. That will be a person who does not have a job as well.

    Since the maximum amount of money this can generate will be about half of all funds after taxes on my income, the most it will come to is $60,000 a month. (right now both are 0) At that point, I will be able to help only 6 to 8 families a month. I do not see a need for a big infrastructure here.

    Also, I am keeping this local and starting right here with familes in Mesa, AZ.

    For now any sales from the links above go into an affiliate account and are separated from my portion. 40 / 60.

    I will not put the money in someone else’s hands. It will also not get eaten up by a non profit.

    IT WILL go to American citizens, in Phoenix, with CHILDREN. That is my prerequisite and I am going to be working with local entities to help this get done quickly and simply.

    I am not out to donate to charity and will not.

    I am out to set an example to others with huge resources to do the same. I can only do so much, I won’t up the price on my product and I won’t let this leave my hands. This was the intent from the beginning and will remain so.

    Thanks for all your feedback Steve. When the non profit is set up it will have it’s own bank account, 2Checkout.com affiliate account and be ACCOUNTABLE to the IRS.

    As far as defending myself…

    Steve, You are a scamming piece of shit that is only out line his own pocketbook, you are using poor homeless people to make your money and talk out both sides of your face. You are a liar, a spammer, a con man and to total scumbag.

    Now let me ask you Steve, If I said that to you, would you not feel the need to defend yourself?

  30. Posted January 18, 2009 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Hi Chris. This is so impressive. You’re an amazing guy. If more people in the world were like you then there’d be less greed, less suffering, less murder, more happiness, etc.

    In a way, you’d be a good socialist. The only problem is that this situation is “ideal” – humans, as a whole, will never be as appreciative or kind as you are.

    Humans are inherently greedy and lack compassion for others. They’re susceptible to “groupthink” instead of making the right and moral decision.

    Bankers and traders’ greed have helped unravel the economy thru the utilization of tremendous leverage. But…. the fact is that regular, middle-class people, still AGGRESSIVELY PURSUED MORTGAGES ON HOUSES THAT THEY COULDN’T AFFORD.

    Realistically, wealthy people that earned their wealth should be given more respect than the “average” person cause… the “average” person has $5K in credit card debt that will never be repaid. Just as with the wealthy bankers, it’s oftentimes their greed for material objects that’s caused them to be in such a predicament.

    In my opinion, there’s no free lunch and people need to be held accountable for their decisions – whether they’re rich, poor or middle-class.


  31. Posted January 23, 2009 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    Chris, what leaps out at me immediately that keeps me from wanting to run out and spread the word about this idea is that what you propose is to take the 40% you normally spend on advertising (which is why you pay affiliates), hope to get enough free advertising to make up for it, and then give THAT money to the needy.

    Had you offered to also give any reasonable percentage of the money you would make as well I suspect your appeal would have generated more action. Even then you need to lay out specifically what you would like others to do to help. Many bloggers aren’t up to speed on how they can help pay it forward.

    While many of your fans here obviously missed this point, bloggers who are sharp will not. You can’t expect them to applaud you for sharing other people’s potential income and none of your own.

  32. Posted January 23, 2009 at 11:41 am | Permalink

    @Internet Strategist,

    Thanks for pointing out the misconception that most will make here. But realize this too:

    It is all my money, the products are all mine. Before the Trend Micro databese error and destruction of my business, I was making between $3000 and $4000 a week. I can easily get back to that level and live a very happy life. All from free traffic resources. NO ADVERTISING. Do the math.

    Hence, I can make that again and KEEP it all. I can spend that on advertising and make WAY more. I can do this all without affiliates, only spend a few hundred on advertising and only worry about myself.

    If I spent %40 of every sale on advertising I would be a multi millionaire by spring.

    So, the conception that I am giving away money that is not mine is totally false.

    I think most see it as I am giving away their money, I have no affiliates, NONE. NO one has signed up for the new program since Trend Micro killed me. It is all my money. ALL.

    But THANK YOU for pointing out that most would look at it this way. To be honest with you I don’t think most will do anything on this. I am taking to to people who do care. I do not think anyone in the Internet Marketing crowd will do anything.

    They would certainly join an affiliate program that makes them money. But would they send traffic to something that does not? Obviously they won’t because the only link here is from Walt Goshert. One link.

    I doubt I will be pursuing this on the Internet. I will instead be pursuing this from the local media.

    Remember that I gave you all a chance to be a part of this and you did not for what ever reasons you have.

    I have encouraged all my subscribes to pick up the phone and call me anytime you need my help. I am here. Many of you have. But after all the high end content I have given away here, all the times I have given my $97 products to those that could not afford them, all the times I have updated prior ebook sales to the current version with out an up charge, none of you linked here and instead are nothing but critical of me. I am not even mad about this anymore. Instead I am just hurt. Thanks for all your help (sarcasm here).

    Internet Strategist, thanks for pointing out your side of things here. None of the above was directed at you but it amazes me how people think the way they do. – Chris Lang

  33. Posted January 26, 2009 at 6:29 am | Permalink

    Hi Chris

    everyone starts somewhere even Corey and Marlon did

    look at things another way

    my mums just bought 200 badges for her bowling club from the RSPB which donate a portion to the charity about 2/3

    but they still promote the badges, and people buy them because they support a charity

    same with tescos christmas cards a portion goes to charity

    in my mind withdrawing you affiliate comissions is a bad move for 2 reasons

    1.. because everyone , everyone says having affiliates is best way 2 sell your product if you sell 100 products on your own but 1000 with affiliates . and 40% of 1000 is more than 40% 1000

    look at Liverpool Fc whom I support and have been since 4 they have shops, online shops, tickets, season tickets, e season tickets but they dont say we will donate 40% sales of steven gerrard shirts to charity,

    they give away a portion of their whole sales , they have been valued at 500 million pounds , and i am 200% positive if you say you donate a % of your product sales to this cause then you will get more affiliates that way because everyone likes to do something for a good cause

    but anyway you do things best luck

  34. Posted August 23, 2009 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    Dear Chris, Your plan is an outstanding way in which to help home owners save there homes,but maybe you can also institute a plan to help single females keep their homes(I MYSELF ONLY NEED TO CATCH UP ON LATE PAYMENTS DUE TO A BOTCH BACK SURGERY AND NEGIGENT DOCTOR)I cant get assistants from ssi or any goverment grants because I Do own my own home,which Ive carried for the last ten yrs by myself,but is now in foreclosure who can help people like me(I only need 6.000.00 to become current and then be able to do a loan modification to lower the interest and make it a fix rate making it easier to afford,any help or advice would be greatly apperciated….dont want this to be the end for me literally….

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