Social Marketing Is NOT About You! Social Marketing Beginners part 3

Back with the basics today and I have two great examples of how social marketing can be done very wrong

First off I got this email today from Bloghology. Mert Erkal who many of you know from Digg and two others very prolific in social marketing are behind the site and they have a good idea. Bad marketing but a good idea.

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that Bloghology Social Network has updated the Invite application and now all of you can import your Google Friends to the Network.

Simply login to Bloghology Social and navigate to the Invite TAB on the top header of the page and then choose the Google friend connect logo, submit your access details and then choose the friends you want to import and click Invite Friends.

PS. Also from this upgrade you can import your contacts from over 2500+ email providers.

So of course I shot them back my feelings and suggestions:

Subject: Bloghology Connected with Google Friend Connect

Why would I want to send my contacts to you?

I want to make contacts there (in Bloghology) and them send them to my blog. You are not getting why I would want to use Blogology.

I don’t use Facebook to take my contacts and suggest the get lost in 100 million other marketers messages there.

I want to find contacts on Bloghology (or any site) and then move them into my marketing here on my blog.

You are making the site about you, not about me. Wrong marketing.

Chris Lang

I was excited about the subject line, I thought that I could use the site and see my GFC contacts on their site, use my portable friends list there the way that Google Friend Connect is meant to be used. I guess not.

Second email of the day

I helped one of my subscribers understand and get GFC installed in his Blogger blog. I also said I would write him an article about GFC and how to use it.

He sent me back an email saying that he needed to focus his blog on real estate and not on GFC. Wrong marketing again.

The only people that want to discuss realty issues are other Realtors.

People want to discuss homes, schools, playgrounds, shopping, lifestyle. All you are doing is chasing people away.

You are too close to your own topics here guys, stop thinking what GFC is going to do for you and start thinking what it can do for your reader.

When you put the focus on the reader and not on you, your products and your blog, then you begin helping people. You begin providing community for your readers rather than building a community around your products. No one cares about your site and your products.

People do care about what your site can do for them. They do care what your product can do for them. I would love to see a social site allow me to install a GFC widget on my profile, my GFC widget that is, not the site’s members, my friends list. I do not want to take my hard earned friends list and give it to you.

As far as the real estate slant, give people the chance to meet like minded people from their community where they live, where their kids go to school, where they go shopping, go out to eat, watch local sports teams. Do this on a real estate blog and you will gain clients.

Provide community and interaction on a commercial site and your subscribers will use it and when they need a real estate agent they will come to you. That is what social marketing is about.

If you want to learn more what Google’s Friend Connect can do for you, get the tutorial.


  1. Posted January 19, 2009 at 8:34 am | Permalink

    Interesting perspective, Chris. Thanks for enlightening me as a new bogger. It is truly a shift for the old “me, me” marketing. Keep up the good work! Lisa

  2. Posted January 19, 2009 at 7:12 pm | Permalink

    That’s a brilliant perspective. Now I know why marketing isn’t so easy. I am very glad I have subscribed to your newsletter. Cheers!

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