Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect deep analysis and does Google spider Facebook Connect links on Facebook?

This is a 25 minute video and it is an in depth blow by blow Facebook Connect analysis from me, Chris Lang. The value for you is that I move very slowly here, teach you a lot and give you a chance to look behind the curtains of Google, Facebook Connect and Chris Lang.

For the high quality, wide screen version of this Facebook Connect video just click on the video while it is playing and you will arrive at Viddler.

Yes, Google and Yahoo do spider Facebook Connect links on Facebook profiles as in this video we see that both Google and Yahoo can get into Facebook.

The value of these links is yet to be determined. But we shall see. If you would like me to implement Facebook Connect on your blog please shout me from my contact page and I will get back to you.

You can try out Facebook Connect on DavidJaffee.com


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    Interesting and very readable post. I’ve connected and are looking forward to the outcome.

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    Hope your Valentine