Digg and SEO

Digg is your number one SEO social media / social bookmarking tool, here’s why

I Digg SEO article in response to Chris Crum’s Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation article on WebProNews today.

Read this thoroughly, it is very info laden.

You have ALL overlooked the number one social media SEO tool and that is Digg

Digg is by far you number one social media tool when it comes to SEO.

Lets talk about why:

  • Diggs link structure.
  • Diggs high PR internal pages.
  • Digg’s high PR front page.
  • Google’s use of Digg.

Digg’s SEO link structure

Digg is the only social bookmarking site left that passes on link juice to the parent blog post as many used to. Mixx, the links point internally. Propeller, server side redirect. Sphinn, nofollowed unless you are front page and Sphinn is a good old boys club. Unless you are part of the SEO club, not much chance of building a big profile.

Digg’s high PR internal pages

Many internal pages on Digg carry toolbar PR’s of 6 and 7, just look at BabyMan and Saleem, both are PR toolbar 7’s. When they submit your blog post, it is immediately listed on their page at the top passing on huge PR for Google to see.

Also when a Digg post is submitted Digg pings Google, Google sees it immediately as a incoming link from a valuable, powerful internal page.

Digg’s high PR front page

If you are lucky enough or know how to use Digg as my Social marketing book can teach you, a front page link is passing on PR8 link juice from the DOMAIN.

Google’s use of Digg

Google definitely uses Digg performance as a very positive indicator to a blog post’s quality and there is ONLY Digg. The changes in other social bookmarking site’s link structure has left Digg the only man standing. FACT.

Here’s the final rub. Getting 200 to 300 Diggs. The more competitive the term the more Diggs you need.

That in itself is next to impossible for most Digg users. They think they can do it by building up a friends list and then shouting them (basically spamming their Inbox) to “Digg this.”

Quick heads up, the more the submitter of Digg content shouts it, the more Diggs it needs to get to the front page or even to the top of a “what hot” category where it will pull Diggs all on it’s own.

Well, Google is on to that and has been for ages. Like well over a year and a half because your shouts are public to Google. They forgot to tell us this in the Digg TOS.

Also, if someone else got more Diggs than you for the same term then you are already deemed irrelevant to Google since you have less votes than another site.

Or so we believe, this is a moving target, what works today is not what always works tomorrow.

Next, up you are not going to make front page with the Digg mafia watching over Digg more than ever.

So, you can’t spam Digg users for votes, you need more Diggs than ever, the Digg mafia is just waiting for you and now you have no idea what to do….

Build a whitehat profile that is powerful, can get a high number of Diggs and outrun the Digg mafia with enough Diggs that you can’t get buried easily.

That is what BabyMan and Saleem do, they get hit with 50 to 100 buries on a post at times. But they get enough Diggs to outrun them. Also they know what content will go front page on Digg and pull Diggs like ticks to a hound.

That would be easily done with my system to build a good Digg profile, get good Digg friends that will support your submissions and hide the fact that you are a marketer.

Many say I am full of crap, may SEO guys know it works, they just are not telling anyone because this is their secret weapon.

Whitehat Digg profiles managed correctly is the only way to do it anymore, it pulls the Digg top users as friends and builds a profile that is whitehat. If you take your time and craft content for Digg that is not blatantly commercial then you should be okay.

It is up to you, there is ONLY Digg, the link structure everywhere else is such that ONLY Digg passes on link juice. Digg is is such a hard community I feel Google puts extra emphasis on such a site. Digg ain’t easy, it would be no fun if it was.

Submit commercial crap and your domain will get banned, your profile will be deleted and your time wasted. Spend time on Digg, get the lay of the land, make powerful friends and you can do very well.

Better yet, train a social media person in your organization, use my material and have them handle it for you. Hire an intern from the local university, they work cheap. But do it the right way, don’t do it half arsed and then get five Diggs and quit.

Social media is what I do, all I do and what I do best. Don’t believe what anyone says about Digg if they can’t get at least 200 Diggs on a submission that matters.

Good luck with Digg and beware the Digg mafia, never submit SEO articles or anything to do with MLM or Internet marketing. They hate that stuff there.

Oh yeah, before I forget, Digg does not use nofollow.


  1. Posted March 27, 2009 at 6:47 am | Permalink

    Hi Chris well, I know digg has left a link juice at their comment page after I saw a WSO selling a digg backlink script personally I don’t how effective this strategy is
    especially one cannot leave an anchored text link. So I didn’t buy the script but rather going for more effective link building strategies that may result a top 10 spot in Google. Social bookmarking so far I think is a good traffic strategies but not so much of the SEO, since most of them are no follow or got some redirection set up which block the search engine spiders.

    Anyway nice reading your post and I should subscribe your RSS feeds which updates me about your thought


  2. Posted March 27, 2009 at 7:06 am | Permalink

    My question would be why would you want to link back to a Digg submission?

    That would be a reciprocal link. I only want incoming links from Digg.

    Digg social bookmarking submission links are all you need and they are free, just look on Digg in tools, they give you what you need to link to Digg so someone can submit you blog post. Then when anyone else tries to submit they get your Digg post. This is free on Digg under tools in the Digg footer navigation.

    These Digg badges etc. use javascript so there is no recipricol link. Just take a look on Digg and you will find them. Anyone selling this as a WSO should be ashamed of themselves.

    As far as the SEO value, there is now only Digg. It used to be that you could use Sphinn, Propeller, Mixx along with Digg and get the value of say 1000 links. Now that is not true.

    Digg passes massive link juice of for a short time when you do Digg wrong. When you do Digg right like I teach you, it can hold your rankings up in Google SERPS for a long time using my Digg tactics. Whitehat all the way, we do not spam Digg or Google.

    We craft content that does well on Digg, users respond by voting us up. Because it is so easy for Google to spot spam on Digg, when you do it right and my way, they respond with good rankings, many times #1.

    And it happens today, not tomorrow, not next week. TODAY. Digg is about what happened in the last 24 hours. Breaking news is hot search topics. When you catch breaking news in your niche Digg will take your blog to the top rankings if you out run any other sources on Digg.

    So, a good post with 100 Diggs will get you Google ranking today, not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY. That is half the beauty of the thing, screaming fast response and rankings.

  3. 808ethan
    Posted April 8, 2009 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    Funny that you posted this just before Digg totally changed the way they link out, now doing everything through their ‘DiggBar’. That pretty much invalidates what you say here about Digg’s SEO link structure…

  4. Posted April 8, 2009 at 4:01 am | Permalink


    The bastards! This was a great article too. However with Digg and Facebook hooking up Digg is still the best bet. With my 5000 friends I can push a Digg front page like butter on a grill.

    Also since the SEO value of Digg is gone, I decided to combine all three social media products into a competition crushing package that will not last long.


    This is just for my subscribers and private, I will delete this in a few days.

    Let me know how the sales letter reads, it is a freakin monster.

    My best work ever…

  5. Posted April 27, 2009 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    This is very true for those who haven’t used Digg yet. Google loves to see articles get pushed to the front page. This will drive so much traffic and put your site out there.

    But more importantly, it works as a great SEO tool.

    This goes the same for twitter, reddit, etc…

  6. Posted April 27, 2009 at 2:23 am | Permalink


    The rumors of Digg’s SEO demise are vastly over rated. I theorize that Google has a new ranking system coming to find positive indicators in social bookmarking. Look my article here on Friend Rank. If you want to get there fast just Google it.

    And as I have always said I believe Google is going to be moving from the link based PageRank and Hilltop algos to a social interaction based algo. Keep you eyes open, I am always right.

  7. Posted November 29, 2010 at 10:21 pm | Permalink


    Is there a way to see how the pages that have been indexed are ranked without having to type it in at Google and then start searching.

  8. Posted November 30, 2010 at 5:32 am | Permalink

    No. Not for Digg.

  9. Posted May 28, 2012 at 7:23 pm | Permalink


    Great article, looks like it is still valid three years later!

    Are you still using Digg and getting good results?

  10. Posted June 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    We are pretty Google+ centric these days, Digg is still a very good indicator of quality though. Don’t forget about Digg just because all you hear is Facebook this and Twitter that with some G+ thrown in. Look at http://Digg.com ‘s front page, there is still good trafic there.

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