Digg Facebook Connect Hookup Live

You can now connect your Facebook and Digg accounts as Facebook Connect on Digg is Live

Digg and Facebook Connect just went live last night, I took a little time do get video together to help you avoid the pitfalls that come to first time users of Digg and you can learn how to better use Facebook Connect better on Digg here.

Follow the instructions in the video, but most of all don’t go submitting your own stuff on Digg in hopes of making any money. It is not going to happen. There are MANY ways to return huge value from Digg but submitting you own content is not it. Take a little time and learn how Digg works then move forward slowly.

Getting buried and flamed on Digg is no fun and getting kicked off is not either so slow down a little and learn how to do it right.


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    Interesting but I’ve been ‘unfriending’ Twitter Maniacs on my Facebook Home Page recently because one or three were just hogging my whole front page with multiple tweets. Sheesh get OFF of there! I don’t care if you’ve just been to Starbucks!

    Is the same going to happen with the Digg connection. Maybe I missed a Facebook option that allows me to turn it off? If not I suggest that Facebook has screwed up on this one. If you have more than 50 friends it will become unmanageable.

    Re posting your own stuff on Digg – yeah I was an habitual offender and it’s just not worth it!

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    Google Social from all aspects is great thanks for heads up on Digg usage will take in regards PEACE , ArtByLetters

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    Thanks for info. I created digg and facebook accounts ages ago but seldom use them. I am beginning to realize how important social networking has become, and how useful to promoting your own content. But it is worth noting that blowing your own horn too loudly will get you into trouble. Thanks again.

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    I have a large friend list on facebook, but was suprised to see that only 2 of my FB friends were on Digg. I am shocked..

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    Your in a league of your own, you have a wonderful way
    to get your energy across. I respect your knowledge
    and will do this asap.


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    I’ve got to try this out-I’ll be sure to rank your video! Thanks for the heads up on everything!!

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    So you asked what to do about the fact you have tons of Facebook friends and no Diggers.

    Educate them, you have tons of knowledge available to you in my members site that you pay for.

    You have Facebook to invite them through. You can do a group. Just don’t form any “Digg me I Digg you” junk groups. Digg hates that stuff.

    Then backend them all into my affiliate program to learn how to do it right.

    I would set up a group, say it will be a area for your friends to get info on how Digg works and what to avoid.

    We can even do a webinar if you want. My will be doing one soon that may be recorded that you could even reuse.

    Then for only $27 your friends can get the info that I used to get you ranked #4 for the term “swim shop” in only 13 days.

    That should do it, get them better skills, get them on Digg helping your submissions, then backend them into my product that you can easily sell with your endorsement.

    That is pretty much how affiliate marketing works to begin with.

    Need more? Just ask…

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    I enabled the update after seeing on official Digg blog, but It turns out to be very annoying because whenever we digg any article it enable a pop up saying Do you want to post it on facebook.
    If you are an active digger who Digg more then 100 posts a day. You will always find this feature very annoying.

    Its better to keep a check box, which can be used to publish any dugg article on your facebook wall.

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    @Harsh Agrawal, I agree, I don’t want my Facebook wall clogged with 1000s of Diggs, by me and my friends. Same thing with Twitter…

    You can check or uncheck the three boxes in your settings on Digg under Facebook Connect. For those newbies reading this, watch the video and it shows you where these settings are at.

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    Thanks for the helpful information. Great video.