Facebook Connect – Digg – Google Friend Connect Question

I thought this question deserved the attention of all of my readers

One of my GFC friends sent me this link.


I thought you’d like to read this article from TechNewsWorld:

Facebook Knocks Down Another Single Sign-On Hurdle With OpenID Adoption

A step towards some Facebook and Google Friend Connect communication perhaps?

Nope, it is not. This is simply oAuth / OpenID, a way of gaining access to a site with out going thru the annoying sign up process. I hate signing up to comment on a site, that is a real good way for me NOT to bother even reading your crap again. I even saw a site today that expected me to sign up just to view more than one page. Cnet and many others use this.

What decade are they living in???

Facebook Connect will never consume GFC, Facebook Connect is Microsoft’s doing. Their $260 investment in Facebook was what has kept them going this long. Did you notice the first sites that adopted Facebook Connect were NBC sites, thru the partnership of MSNBC? I personally hate the place, Facbook sucks, for me it is only a lead funnel.

You can thank Steve Ballmer for fraking up what would have been huge. Can you see his “Mine! Mine! MINE!” approach like some 2 year old to all this?

Now we have the same old Microsoft BS, the walled garden approach and mostly what I dislike about Facebook.

The only reason I will be using Facebook is because Digg is closing shouts and adopting Facebook sharing and Twitter / Tweets.

Twitter has already passed Digg in Traffic and this will only push it up even further.

This is a very good reason for you to be building a dominant Twitter account using this guys brilliant new app. I have added 3500 Twitter followers in a week with out lifting a finger. I gave Jack Humphrey a copy of this app and he raved about it on his blog.

This is good though

Now Facebook still sucks and and GFC is less usable as a marketing medium than it would have been if Facebook and Google Friend Connect had been tied in. Thanks Steve!

This can however make Google Friend Connect more powerful and profitable for us. Since Google has competition from Facebook Connect, I would say that it will just make them work harder and deliver even more Google Friend Connect apps to us more quickly. Good for everyone.

The number one sign that Facebook sucks is that they keep changing their GUI every 30 days. That is called chasing the competition and is the worst sign for any business. Now they want to look like Twitter, last month is was FriendFeed.

You may notice that some are ahead of things and chase no one. That is who you want to follow, the sites that do not imitate someone else.

All the while GFC looks like, aaahhhh, I don’t know, The Internet maybe? Because that is where it runs, on our sites on the open face of the web. What a novel idea, an open sea of websites where we can view what we want and take away the content we need.

How apt would you be to read my content, even thought the free content is leading edge, if I made you log in just to get it even for nothing?

Inquiring minds want to know so tell us by commenting below.

Have a good weekend, see you next week! – Chris Lang


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    No more Digg shouts! Holy cow… that is a game changer. Have a nice weekend :)

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    Yep… open is the future Chris – even proprietary wireless networks like Verizon or AT&T and/or any other proprietary network/software/communications/content provider will have extreme challenges in the not so distant future.

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    Hi Chris,

    Your email is really interesting not only for its content but because it gives the impression that you are writing only to me personally, but I’m pretty sure that you don’t have time to write to all of your followers individually.

    How do you do that?

    Best wishes,

    mike m.

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    I use http://keywebdata.aweber.com to take my email opt ins for me, then I use their optimized network to get my emails to the Inbox without having to deal with the email admin work it takes to get email sent from my own server delivered.

    I have been using them for 10 years and they are the best.

    Then I can call a [firstname] field when I send am email from there to you all.

    Also I prefer to get the click thru to my blog rather than in the email. Email delivery is at a real low right now due to spam filters and I will be doing a blog post on that tomorrow so keep your eyes open for that one.

    Hope this helped Mike, I am sure you question help many others too.

    Chris Lang

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    I have already had unfavorable experiences with Facebook Connect. Plaxo recently implemented it and it doesn’t work with their UI at least on my end. I am using FF as my browser so maybe it isn’t a FF friendly app but then again as you said it is an MSN Microsoft thing and the only thing Microsoft has put out that I like is the XP Pro OS and their office suite.

  6. Posted May 22, 2009 at 8:16 am | Permalink

    @Joe, your problem lies more in Plaxo, I have had nothing but one huge code error after another out of them. I have yet to be able to use the sharing function in GFC gadgets to share a post or the sites I use.

    Don’t write anything off due to Plaxo. While Facebook is not my favorite place, the blame lies on Plaxo.

    As far as XP PRO, give Unbuntu a try, you can dual boot, you can even boot the OS from the install CD with installing anything.

  7. Posted May 22, 2009 at 10:56 am | Permalink

    Yup Plaxo should stick to what it did best and serve more as an event reminder than a social networking site.

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