Bing To Power Yahoo Search

Microsoft and Yahoo team up to Compete head to head with Google

I have been saying for a long time that Microsoft and Google are flat out at war. But now it has come to a head to head challenge where Google lives, Search Results!

Bing is now to power Yahoo search and Search Engine Watch cited ComScore as saying that is 28.4% of the search engine market. We are officially down to TWO search engines!

Under the 10 year agreement, Bing will power Yahoo! search, creating a Google competitor that last month reached a combined 28.4% of the search market share, according to comScore. Microsoft will also be able to integrate Yahoo! search technologies into its web search platform.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! will sell the search advertising for the newly combined entities. AdCenter will be the self-service search ad platform. This will take a long time to implement as they adjust relationships with thousands of advertisers.

Display advertising will not be affected by the deal. Both companies will maintain their programs separately.

Microsoft will pay Yahoo! 88% of search ad revenues generated by Yahoo! sites. Yahoo! expects to see $275 million operating cash flow as a result of the deal.

Here is the rest of the most comprehensive article to help you understand this on The Bing / Yahoo deal on Search Engine Watch. And here is the article that brought this to my attention, from the Just when Yahoo! was relevant again department, a very good article on how distributed computing works at the server level.


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    Bing just became as valid search engine. I don’t see it changing the focus of a site like mine. Numbers across the board for a tech oriented site like this tell me Google is where I will be found.

    HOWEVER, for and my friends over at the Pannell Swim Shop this is very important.

    Their sites can easily be found and sell product in searches on Bing. Their competitors may have overlooked rankings in Bing because until now Google owned search. Now that Microsoft has an almost 30% share of search a family friendly business like Rick and Whitney Pannell’s could take home some great results and sales by pouncing on this opportunity.

    Those of us in Internet Marketing are too close to the flame and Google. Luckily my association with real family businesses take me outside the Google box and you should be going there too if your business in non techy oriented.

    Hope this helps you get the jump on your competition if Bing search suits your buyers search habits.

  2. Tony Rude
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    First off, I don’t kiss you know what…

    that being said- I do want to acknowledge your openness in relation to reporting relevant news even despite the fact it is essentially the competition you’re reporting on.

    I’m impressed how you report the issue and look at all the angles to find a way this may benefit your readers. Namely showing how a ma and pop shop can take advantage of this turn of events I don’t believe anyone saw coming.

    Thanks Chris,


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    @Tony Rude, Thanks Tony, that means allot. And YEAH, I did not see this one coming either, I have been dissing Bing as junk for a while. Especially since YouTube gets more searches than Bing or Yahoo. But now, Microsoft and Google are gonna fight for real.

    Google is a OS, Microsoft is now a player in search like never before, Google Friend Connect VS Facebook Connect, the list goes on and on.

    Now we shall see just what happens because this is it, the bad news is now there is one less innovator in search and Yahoo was king of search 10 years ago. They are still my home page because I started using them 10 years ago, my first day online.

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    Nicely Written!

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    I heard about this on the news and I am not sure which day it was. It had to be when I was in my car, but this whole thing raises some questions.
    If you are going to do PPC search engine marketing, is it only going to be between Yahoo and Google now?

    I do not know much about Bing at all, since I, too have a Yahoo home page I use at work but not at home. My windows open in Google Search.

    As always I enjoy reading your take on things like this because you seem to have the gift of staying involved with how to prepare and react to the changes in the Big 3. Yahoo, Google, MSN…

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    Microsoft and Yahoo have been dating each other for months on whether or not they would merge into one company. This merger deal has fell through numerous times over the past year or so. Most analysts said that yahoo was crazy not to have taken Microsoft’s first bid to buy them out but it looks like after a courageous fight Yahoo realised that they need Microsoft more than Microsoft needed Yahoo. It will be interesting to see the impact that this will have on Google and what they will do to compate the Microsoft,Yahoo merger.

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    Gee, you work hard and generally present an accurate representation of the truth, often from an angle that others have missed. As a consequence, I applaud your creativity! Thanks for the input on bing and yahoo. It will be interesting to see how much more of the market share they are able to capture together. I am also wondering how much additional market share that google is going to gain from the new OS systems they are putting into play with the new netbook craze that will be occurring soon. Any ideas or input on that subject, Chris? As a Toshiba follower for 15 yr., I just got an email from them today about their new netbook. Best regards, John Mauldin FranchisingLicensing

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    My sitemeter analytics tells me that today about 65% of my search traffic comes from Google, 10% comes from Google overseas (from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between) 8 Bing, 8% Yahoo and the rest split between ASK, AOL, Myway, etc..

    Do you have any advice for me?


    P.S. I want to know ‘cuz you’re so smart!

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    This is random but I noticed you’re using Aweber’s blog broadcast…have you seen You might like it.

    Hope it helps,

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    Thanks for sharing this article, its realy nice written dude!

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    As advertisers we like adcenter for the great conversion rates of Bing’s traffic.. With Yahoo though we are forced to buy clicks from junk partners that send nothing but fake clicks.. It’s a daily job to monitor all the new bad-domains to block.. And you have to PAY for all that.. :P

    With the current merge of Yahoo and Bing let’s hope the new “team” will do it RIGHT by giving the advertisers the choice to pay only for real yahoo/bing searches.. just like Adwords and adcenter allow (for now?).

    Just my 2 cents