Google Wave: Hating, Waiting or Both?

Here is what one of my Surf Club members had to say about being invited to one of my seminars. You should have got one of these two if you are on my Get Ready For Gwave list.

Jeff, seemed a little upset and since he was kind enough to share his feelings with me, I thought it necessary to address them here. If one person feels this way then many do who have not expressed their feelings. So here are the high points of what Jeff had to say.

I am a little concerned that I am agreeing to pay a monthly fee of $27 to learn how to use a service that so far Google is not rolling out in a timely fashion or as represented

Two things come to mind, first, the price went up, it’s now $37. You are saving $120 a year.

Not one of my articles have anything to do with how to use Gwave in the members site.

In fact if you review the sales letter and everything I said it was all about building a list of friends and followers, a mailing list in fact, before Google Wave becomes widely available.

However everything I teach you how to use IS FULLY AVAILABLE.

I have spent the last year building my list and I only have 600 or so friends on my Gwave list. But that is about 600 more than most anyone else.

It’s time for Google to stop hyping, either on its own or through surrogates, and start delivering its platform to users – widely – not in this silly piecemeal manner.

Jeff, You seem a little impatient for someone who has only known about this for two months.

I have been waiting for this since May, 2008. Tons of my paying subscribers have too. And I am the MOST impatient person in the world. If I can wait this long, you can handle another two months.

I don’t know if you have ever released software, but I am a programmer and I HAVE built commercial web applications and released them to a paying market.

In fact I released one around RSS Analytics 5 years ago. It was not tested well enough and as soon as someone saw one error message they canned their subscription.

My app went under. Instead FeedBurner got acquired by Google for $381 Million USD. Let me assure you my app was WAY more powerful than FeedBurner. Lack of testing kills software. Think of it like buying a new car and the door handle falls off or it suddenly don’t start.

Software is beta tested. Gwave is not even in Beta, the is the Alpha release. Google has been building Gwave since early 2007. They are not going to rush it now when this has been their baby for well over the last 4 years. They are not going to drop their baby on it’s head in the delivery room. Google is going to take very good care of little Gwave, until he is ready for the world to see.

Otherwise, it’s a bit annoying to receive messages about upcoming sales events.

My seminars are loaded with how to advice and now you can even try out Gwave live at my events. There is about 2 minutes in a 2 hour show that is a pitch for my members site. To me, that is not a sales event, that is a learning experience.

You were at the first show in Sacramento. The only sales pitch came from the sponsor for the show. That was her hand-out that you got pitching her products not mine.

So all I can say is if you don’t like the idea of Google Wave, stick with what you got now, Facebook and Twitter.

No one here is cramming anything down your throat or making you do anything you don’t want to.

If you hate what you are doing or getting from me, then quit. If you don’t like what you get in my emails, the unsubscribe, the link is at the bottom of every email.

If you remember one of my main points at the show you were at in Sacramento, it was if you hate the social site then dump it and use one you do enjoy using.

If you don’t like my slant on Gwave, and that is you should be building a mailing list in Gmail, not worrying about getting
your hands on Gwave then go elsewhere. It’s up to you. I am not here to sell product. I do that easily now and I don’t have to sell. I bring the only real advice on this there is and my site over delivers in content by twice the price.

The price will soon go to $497 for the whole 350 pages of material all at once by next month. Stay in now, you get it for cheap. Or pay me later. Again, I don’t teach how to use Gwave. I teach how to build a mailing list and backend your leads into your email list and your products and services. The same thing Joe Schroeder taught me 10 years ago.

Gwave how to articles are a dime a dozen and soon everyone with be a Gwave expert.

What I teach and have always taught is to build a list in Gmail using the social features in Google that ARE ALL currently available.

Who cares when Gwave comes out, what you want to do is build your network NOW. Because even if the whole world has Gwave what good will it do you if you don’t have a fresh list of new leads that have never seen your products before?

Gwave is not going to change how you market to your current best customers. Gwave is going to change how you market
to your NEW customers that have never bought from you before. These are the people you are going to Gwave with and
these are the people you should be building a Gmail list around now.

I have been making my living online for 10 years and I have seen Google roll out allot of new apps, it ain’t going to change
now or anytime soon: Google moves painfully slow. They have what we want, scarcity is the best marketing tactic in the world.

– Chris Lang


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    Chris, you provide tons of value to people that are following you! I first heard you online with Jack Humphrey during a Friday Traffic Report podcast. I appreciate your enthusiasm for Google Wave and for cutting edge marketing tactics.

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    I have purchased a few of your products, you always offer great value. I’m at if anyone wants to play a little with the Gwave.

    Thanks again Chris!

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    I just got on wave!

    It only comes with a few extensions to download.

    How do we find and add apps that have already been developed that we cant find automatically inside google wave?