Howie Schwartz Interviews Chris Lang on Google Wave

Join Howie Schwartz LIVE as he interviews Chris Lang on Google’s BIG Secert: GWAVE!

You can ask questions LIVE and take your business to the next level with Google Wave.

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Update: The live Webinar date has passed so here’s the replay link below.

See you on the webinar with Howie.


Chris Lang – The Gman


  1. Posted November 10, 2009 at 9:08 am | Permalink

    Howie starts with stating that Jack Humphrey calls you the “Nostradamus of Google”. Let’s see Jack called you an old dead guy who spouted crazy predictions that never come true…LOL?

    Of the alleged 946 predictions attributed to Nostradamus, only about 70 are considered to have had some kind of fulfillment. That works out to less than a 7-percent success rate.

    I hope and think you’ll be much more accurate than that.

    Thanks for the great webinar Chris

    Wayne Clayton

  2. Posted November 10, 2009 at 6:25 pm | Permalink


    I took this from one of your post below

    “Second, how could you trust a site like Digg that allows it’s power users to sell front page placement but yet kicks sites off and bans domains for publishing anti Digg stories or self promotion?

    As far as Digg traffic goes, look at what hits front page, 70 to 100 Diggs. It used to be 300 Diggs to get front page. To me that says traffic is down by how much? You do the math but to me removing the shout mechanism and now ripping off our traffic? The mark of a dying site trying to keep it’s head above the waves.

    In this case it is Digg trying to keep it’s head above Mixx and Google Wave.”

    Congrats Chris. Glad you came around. What was it a year or year and half back we had this “chat” about which web properties had value and how people should be optimizing? Google. Strong, long lasting, and (for better or worse) deeply ingrained in everybody’s business. Not fad based 2.0 social media; subject to every gust of internet wind.

    Man I haven’t left a comment on a blog in a year (not even my own since I started making real internet bucks), but I HAD to stop by when I saw you’d hooked up with Schwartz. Good work man.