Andy Jenkins Works For Burger King

It seems Andy Jenkins of StomperNet fame has gotten a side job doing Burger King commercials

Life can be good it seems when you find your true calling in life.

Andy, if you see this, it was just too good to pass up. I wish I was as well known as you and it was someone who looks like me in the new Burger King commercial. LOL

Then Travis Campbell came back with this on his YouTube channel.


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    And there’s Andy saying in the video promo for his upcoming training VideoBoss that he doesn’t like appearing on video ( but he did say he kinda wanted to be an actor so who knows)!

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    Wooot. Brilliant.

    “He was born yesterday, he may not go on to be president, but he knows one thing…”

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    How funny is that – it really does look like Andy! Hey, he might as well star in a BK video – everything he’s in does super well. I wish I could get Andy to do a video for the Accelerator for Success system using the Dream Bar Cafe Principles. Maybe I’ll ask…

    In the mean time I created a quick video for Andy lovers. Either click on my name (above) link… or for a free Tony (peak performance) Robbins audio of Awaken – go to:

    Cool… I’m off to Burger King for a $1 burger! :-)

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    LOL.. I wish it was Andy, that is hilarious!

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    So Andy didn’t grow when he aged, he just changed clothes. ;)

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    Yep, it has to be Andy. That is so fun! Andy’s videos rock and he can also make some
    extra money with BK. That it too funny. I wish it really was Andy. Let’s suggest
    that to Burger King.