Facebook VS Google Social Marketing Test

Everyone is ringing the Facebook dinner bell lately, so let’s find out if it’s feast or famine using Facbook VS Google in a side by side test

facebook vs google

With the proliferation of Facebook fan pages, the like button and the various new gadgets in the press on Facebook viral traffic I am now rolling out a no holds barred test. And we will be documenting the data right here on Social Marketing Tactics / KeyWebData.com….

So day one, we created a fan page. To be fair I reinstalled the latest version of WordPress and my custom SEO theme only a few of us have on this blog. We will be testing this blog’s performance against my Google Friend Connect Buzz blog that uses the same theme.

Honestly this blog should out perform the competition. The domain is 6 years old and this has been my flagship domain for the entire time. Tomorrow we will document Google rankings for the main search phrase, incoming links and traffic stats all starting tomorrow.

Today starts with the fan page being published here as Key Web Data.

What other tests and data do you want to see

Let’s get right off to a done right by you all start. What else do you want to see in this test?

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