New Yahoo RSS Reader Now Reads Full Feeds With No Click Thru

Previously FeedBurners stats showed Google as the number one RSS reader. MyYahoo was the prior top feed parser and was later listed well ahead of Google by Phedo. By parser I mean that it showed the list of feed titles. It was not ranked as a feed reader because it only showed the feed titles. To read the full feed article you had to click thru to the blog’s post page.

However if you have taken a good look at your MyYahoo homepage there is a new MyYahoo beta available and this includes an ajax based feed reader. You can preview the feed item (article) by mousing over the link and if you click it it will display the full feed item. If you haven’t tried the beta yet look for a link at the top of your MyYahoo homepage offering a switch to the beta version.

Since the aquisition of FeedBurner by Google will FeedBurner be releasing new stats to show MyYahoo numbers now that it qualifies as a full blown RSS feed reader? I can’t tell you for sure as I use a WordPress blog for my site. I would love to get any feed back on your own RSS marketing efforts from those of you who use FeedBurner.