RSS Reader Comes to New Samsung TV… RSS Marketing in the Livingroom?

Samsung’s new HDTV offers RSS reader and Dedicated One Touch Access to Feeds

About the only thing I found of interest at CES this year was a TV with a RSS button on the remote control. Yeah, you read that right! The button on the remote actually says “RSS” on it. Of course this will confuse some but COME ON! They actually used RSS on the button!!!

The Samsung Series 6 / 7 TV LCDs and Plasmas offer the new InfoLinkā„¢ RSS service with content from USA TODAY as long as you connect the TV to the internet. I happen to love reading USA TODAY at lunch in my favorite bar. True the tech section from The Wall Street Journal kicks it’s rear end but this is the first time RSS based news, money, sports, politics and weather has been available on a HDTV.

BTW, did I mention that it says “RSS” on the freakin’ remote control’s dedicated button? Also this is a joint venture between USA TODAY and Samsung. At this time it is also the only feed available.

The RSS button brings up a semi-transparent menu overlay with newsfeeds covering a variety of customizable topics. You can then browse through headlines to catch a quick glimpse or select a specific story to view. Content already playing on the HDTV will remain on-screen so you can browse during commercials or when your wife leaves the room.

The Weather section allows you to personalize current temperatures and seven-day forecasts by zip code and will also feature weather alerts. Financial will offer market summaries and individual stock quotes.

A few bloggers have suggested that more feed offerings are in the works. All in all not a bad start and a step in the right direction as RSS marketing and our TV’s take a step closer.