Your Email Reputaion and Delivery: Don’t Call Yourself a Spammer

How could you possibly ruin your Email Delivery and mark your own email IP address as sending spam?

This article has moved to email delivery and your email reputation don’t call yourself a spammer on my new email delivery site.


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    Good post, Chris.

    By the way, I advise all AOL users to … throw away their AOL account. AOL is an ISP who censors very much users’ correspondence. And here I am not referring to AOL sending some of the messages to a Spam/Bulk folder. No, AOL simply blocks MANY legitimate messages and you will never know that they were sent to you. If you’d like someone else to decide on your behalf what you have to receive and what not, then you can continue using AOL …

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    Good Post Chris.
    While I have never done this myself, personally, I could see many doing this to their selves.
    From the previous comment.
    “I advise all AOL users to … throw away their AOL account.”

    Why would you want to do that!?!?!?!
    “AOL is an ISP who censors very much users’ correspondence.”

    That gives you a reason to keep your account, and if you dont have one, get one.

    If Aol is known for filtering emails, then email marketers should be testing their emails through these isp’s.

    I personally send all my emails through many isp’s to test delivery before I send it out to my list. If you can make it into your AOL inbox from email delivered from your mail server, then you know that your clients will get your email.

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    Michael, you completely misunderstood my comment. My advise was obviously not addressed to an email marketer but to a normal user.

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    Who knew that you could enter a spam complaint against your own email server! Thank you for providing the solution to that.