Digg Dying, Stumble Rising, Flickr, MyBlogLog and the rest….

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After reading a great article today on Digg by JD Rucker, and as Facebook’s domination of social continues to push out old favorites, here is what is really going on in Web 2.0 social….

The demise of Digg started in 2008 when first Zaibatsu, then a large part of the top 100 and top 1000 on Digg got banned. I personally have been run off Digg by the Digg mafia five times. The bury button is back and it counts for 100 Diggs just like it always did.

The problem with Digg has always been it’s malicious policies, brown shirt admins, and even more malicious Digg Mafia user base.

As far as bloggers gaming the system for free traffic, the entire user base of Digg games the system to get front page. It’s what most are there for and it’s what made Digg fun for me: The game of “Gee, can I get front page with out the Digg Mafia burying my posts???” (and not my own content either)

But in defense of Digg….

I have never had more fun in 12 years of making my living online than playing tag with the Digg mafia in the never ending quest to get front page. If Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz offered that, they would really have my attention.

In fact, if Google Buzz offered a front page ala Digg, where I could find other like minded peeps and hot content, then maybe Google could pull a great platform out of a slow slide to joining Google Wave.

It is also important to note that TechCrunch Digg buttons are mostly empty today and Mashable has replaced Digg badges with StumbleUpon. Once the darlings of Digg front page, they have now been abandoned… Interesting that, no…?

We also have to admit that Facebook, who was supposed to be Digg’s savior in 2009 with Facebook Connect has turned out to be the the crushing force now in Web 2.0. Propeller.com, MyBlogLog, Flickr and many others are in worse shape as Facebook continues it’s quest for web domination. There is just no room it seems for the diversity that once was Web 2.0, and is now only Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and YouTube and maybe LinkedIn.

But look at StumbleUpon, they are kicking butt and studies are starting to show that Stumble drives as much or even more traffic to sites than Facebook. Stumble and YouTube are where my focus lies today because that is where the traffic is and you can easily find content and discover great stuff on those front pages.

Just as I used to start my day on Digg’s front page, now I start it on Google Buzz and then Stumble and at least a third of what I watch in my living room is on YouTube thru my Google TV….

Tell us your thoughts below, inquiring minds want to know…..


  1. Posted January 27, 2011 at 4:58 am | Permalink

    I never was a big fan of social media because of the time you need to spend there to be successful. And from those sites Stumbleupon was always my favorite one, maybe I should give it another try

  2. Posted February 3, 2011 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

    I hear ya Chirs. I was never to nuts about digg for the same ‘mafia user base’ issues. Another site I think (read: hope) is slipping down is collegehumor.com. Incredible bunch of jerks both using and running the site. Hate it.

    Stumbleupon is really great. Much like Facebook is to myspace, stubleupon has really excelled by being all the things it predecessor (digg) wasn’t (or couldn’t).

    P.S. I just discovered your site and I think it’s great. Keep up the good work!

    -Joe Avella

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