DKIM Gone, Hello SenderID After Microsoft Buys Yahoo err Microhoo?

If Microsoft buys Yahoo! what will this mean to email delivery?

My question about the proposed Yahoo! purchase by Microsoft is will MS replace DKIM with SenderID?

Yahoo! and Microsoft (Live, Hotmail, MSN) use two different authentication methods, which one will they choose, or will they use both Sender ID and DKIM together?

Remember that this deal includes Flickr and Delicious both now owned by Yahoo!

I don’t see DKIM disappearing especially since Cisco has begun building it into their servers and appliances. AOl, Earthlink and Gmail all use DKIM as well.

The Strongmail blog said they don’t see major changes for two to three years in Yahoo! mail.

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    Chris, hard as it is to believe, at this point I’m having more problems with Yahoo spam filters then with Hotmail’s. This is a recent development. I’ve found Yahoo’s filters have been troublesome for the last 9 months or so, & Hotmail has gotten much better in the last month or 2.

    I currently recommend that any of my customers who want to insure receipt of our emails & who prefer a free service to only use gmail. (At least this week…)

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    At MIX ’08 Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie on Microhoo integration: “Not so fast.” He went on to say Microsoft will not rush to integrate its systems with Yahoo’s after a potential merger.

    “And then there’s Yahoo,” Ozzie said, adding that there isn’t much he can say about Microsoft’s pending bid.

    “I can say it’s already added some interesting twists to what promises to be a really, really exciting year,” Ozzie said.

    He also justified spending Yahoo-size dollars by talking about the potential of the online advertising market.

    Ozzie said he hoped in his speech to connect some of the dots between Microsoft’s online services, which he acknowledged can seem from the outside to be somewhat haphazard. More on and be sure to read the comments there.