Mobile Marketing Now and Why….

Good Friday Morning,

As I move into my new role as CEO of Gadget MVP, mobile marketing is my main focus now, and believe me, if you get on board now, it will be the chance to be the Mari Smith, the Frank Kern, or at least the dominant player in your niche.

Why because NO ONE else is there!!!

I get 2500 unique visitors a week and 6500 page views just from my iGoogle gadget alone, that is not counting Android, iPhone and Facebook app conversions.

And I get that without even trying, because NO ONE else in my niche is there except Howie Schwartz :]

So here’s my latest blog post on my new blog, that will begin to help you understand why you must start building your new following, one that follows you where ever they go, on their phone…..

Click thru the link here, and read why Android Apps for Google TV is going to be SO cool with apps just like your phone, for the big screen.

Here’s to a great weekend,

Chris Lang
Founder and CEO
Gadget MVP

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    Hi Chris, Did you get my text message I sent? I would like to learn more about this! thanks Whitney