Are You The Coyote Or The Road Runner?

It came to me that chasing Google, or any trend is a lot like chasing the Road Runner, it always seems to backfire, but getting the jump on a coming trend can really pay off. Just don’t buy your advice from ACME along the way….

Preparing for a trending topic is key guys, look at it this way…..

The other day I was flipping cable channels, some how I stopped on the Roadrunner and Coyote, and in came to me that THAT IS US, we chase trends like the roadrunner chases the coyote.

BUT if the Coyote would cut across the desert and be waiting for the Roadrunner WAY down the road, he would have time to prepare and stand a way better chance. Also don’t by your products from ACME….

In 2008 we discovered that Google Reader sharing was based on Gmail Contacts. Then we found out that Google Friend Connect was based on your G address book too. Then we saw that adding friends added them TO your G contacts. So……

I spent the last 3 years positioning myself as the expert authority on Google social networking. Who would have thought it would have taken this long and 99.999% of the people that will use G+ will never know that and would not care if they did.

But…… People like Jack Humphrey, Mari Smith, Howie Schwartz (and a few more I can’t mention yet) know that I saw this all coming for years, and THAT is where leading a trending topic will always work well for you. The powerful people that count WILL remember your work, that is where forward thinking pays off.

So now it’s not about who has bigger numbers, there’s plenty of people that can post much larger G+ following numbers than I can, you can tell who they are. They do nothing but scan Google Reader for the latest news on G+ and post ALL DAY LONG. But how often do you see any of them actually WRITE something original? And there is nothing wrong with that, BUT…. There is a big difference…..

SO, this time it’s the Coyote that catches the dang Roadrunner, because of my forward looking preparation and predictions, ON MY BLOGS….. rather than posts on social networks, I have a history that I can use as a resume. It’s a risky business, but when it pays off, it pays off BIG.

So, you can’t just build a large social following and let that be it. You have to own your content, and have a home for it where it can be found all in one place. So, if a long term trend pays off for you, you have documentation that you actually did what you say, not a bunch of posts scattered all over various social networks and nothing but a profile that says how many people follow you.

To wrap this thought up, when you write / record / prepare….. for something before it occurs…. it forces you to do your own thinking, not just post the latest TechCrunch / Mashable / Google Blog post and perform what I call “Marketing Incest”….

Sure content curation is all the rage, and it is key when you are chasing a trend, but there has to be more…. When you look back on anything, you don’t remember the English lit teacher, you remember who wrote the damn book!

So whether you are trying to go viral, build a reputation or just get some good traffic and exposure, getting the head start on any trend will always pay off one way or another…. Good Luck All!


  1. Posted September 3, 2011 at 10:49 am | Permalink

    Great thoughts right there Chris, I always try to minimize the noise, I’m here to build a business not the biggest following for the sake of it.
    Some will do that and perhaps will have to because they don’t want to create their own content. They’ll be the new aggregators which will work as a business if you are ‘really good at giving it your own spin’.

    We can already see who they are.

    Write original content and have that positioned ready in the wings … great advice

  2. Posted September 3, 2011 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    Well said. I’ll add that it’s not only seeing a trending topic before it hit critical mass, but to TAKE SOME KIND OF ACTION with that knowledge. It’s cool to say, “I saw that before anyone else knew”, but to figure out how to capitalize on that knowledge, be it from forming strong relationships with others in the field, or positioning yourself visibly to be seen by all, TAKING ACTION is as important as KNOWING.

    Great read, Chris. As always, I keep an ear to the ground to hear what you have to say next…

  3. Posted September 13, 2011 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    You have taught me the importance of blogging. I hope it’s my real estate secret weapon!