RSS Marketing? This is how to Avoid Spam Filters with RSS Marketing!

This ain’t new but it may be to you. It you are not using WordPress to create your blog you are missing the essence of the web.

If you do not know how to install WordPress on your site I will do a FREE install for you! It is that powerful and I want to share it with you. WordPress has changed the way I see the internet and I have been here or EIGHT YEARS!

I am a programmer and I even wrote my own blogging software. Then I realized that I was reinventing the wheel and that wheel was WordPress. RSS is the core of WordPress. If you blog at all you should have WordPress installed as your blogging software!!

If you cannot understand how to install WordPress on your site I will do it free of charge as one of my subscribers!

WordPress is here.

Do not sign up to as you want to install wordPress to your site and get all the benefits of a standalone blog at your domain.

Your visitors see your AdSense, your ads, your site theme, your advertising, your branding with your site logos! My subscribers may not always agree with my opinions (and you know who you are) but they know who I am, agree or not and that is worth everything!!! Just email me or call me from my “contact chris” page and I will help you in any way I can.

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    Nice article, enjoyed reading it completely. If fact as you mentiond about RSS feeds thought of sharing some tips to convert RSS feeds to HTML. Do check them out.. looking forward to hear from you. Keep blogging.