Email Delivery? Avoiding Spam Filters? Don’t Buy Software Like This!

If you think software like “Email Auto Format” will help you in avoiding spam filters you better read this before you look at the link below

There is no magic formula to email delivery and avoiding spam filters and that is what is wrong with the product below.

The salesletter says:


  • Follow along with me, and find out if your IP address is black listed, and what you can do about it. After making sure your IP and email addresses are not black listed, we will go through the super easy steps of getting YOU white listed with the major email providers, and get your emails through to your prospects.
  • Chris Lang:

    Get Whitelisted? You can’t get any ISP to whitelist you without a dedicated email server and and a dedicated email server IP address. No ifs ands or buts. This salesletter should tell you that right up front.


  • Next, you’ll learn how to use a very simple process for formatting your email messages, and getting them through the SPAM filters with ease, and making sure your emails are extremely easy to read for your prospects and subscribers.
  • Don’t use crappy software like Word, FrontPage or some other generic WYSIWYG software. If you don’t send text only emails and must use HTML for branding then at least use DreamWeaver to create your template. Or hire a competent web developer like myself to write your HTML.


  • Use this simple to use push button tool that I use to alter each SPAM word and phrase for each and every email you send out, and watch now as almost every email you send gets past the SPAM filters.
  • Chris Lang:

    That is known as SpamAssassin and the tool is free.

    Now if you want to get the real story read my email delivery ebook or opt in to my email delivery newsletter at the top right of the page for Four FREE Chapters.

    Here is the link just so you know what not to buy.


    1. Posted March 10, 2008 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

      Dear Chris Lang,

      Thank you for contacting Online Support.

      The static IP address that we provide for shared hosting accounts cannot be used as an email server IP, as you will need to use our relay server to send your mail out. In regard to a dedicated IP, we provide dedicated IP addresses for our shared hosting plans and for virtual dedicated and dedicated servers.

      We do not allow the use of our shared hosting services to operate an email server, but you can use a virtual dedicated or dedicated server to run an email server if you wish. A virtual dedicated or dedicated server provides a web server that you would manage and to which you would have admin access. This would include the ability to edit core files, install software, import/export and manage databases and more. Our shared hosting accounts do not provide admin/root/ssh access and do not allow the editing of most core files.

    2. Posted March 10, 2008 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

      Some other joker creating misleading information.

      And I quote: “Your site needs to have its own IP Address. On a shared IP address (common with most hosting packages) you will end up being caught in the spam filters if anyone that shares that IP address with you is accused of spam. Great isn’t it. Because the guy next door does something wrong you get punished.”

      Let me say it again more clearly: You need a DEDICATED EMAIL SERVER IP ADDRESS to get whitelisted. I hope this helps.