Why Social Marketing Is A Double Edged Sword

Yifat Cohen asked me if “So – you and I will never grab some coffee together cause we’re not friends. We’re strategic alliances that help each other get traffic and sales.” in a conversation on Google+ about Social VS Email lists and Buyers VS Social Followings…

I replied to Yifat

No, it is a double edged sword.

#1 Buyers keep a roof over your head, without them none of us would survive.

#2 It is your friends and strategic alliances that give you traffic to be able to make sales.

#3 Your buyers do not share your posts because they do not want their competition to find where they are getting information that allows them to beat their competition.

#4 You never go out in the real world and meet the people you have come to know online so well, especially now that Google+ Hangouts have taken this a step further now.

One does not come without the other. You will also find fast that your best friends on social sites are rarely your buyers. Two months in pre launch with The Truth About Google+®, NOT ONE buyer of almost 200 have come from Google+. Not one has ever commented or shared me here but for one or two.

Almost everyone of them that bought have bought over and over for 4 to 5 years now. They know me, they trust me, they are on my list.

You will all find this out if and when you sell your own products and I am sure many of you already do. Google Analytics only goes so far. Knowing who is who is much more important. That is another key thing that social does, it allows you to get to know your list. Every list and following is different, but after 12 years in this biz, and 4 years of driving millions of views with social sites, social friends and buyers just maybe two very different things.

But like +Jack Humphrey and I talked about, it is a personal trust and LIKE issue that makes sales, not how many G+ followers you have. Make sense?

This brings us back to a conversation with Jack Humphrey in the video below…

This conversation has led Margie and I to consider ding a US HIRL (hangout in real life) roadshow to go meet our social friends and followings this summer. What do you think? US HIRL tour a good idea? Or not?

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    Looking forward to seeing you IRL… Bring on the RV… Road Trip!