Why is Social Marketing Suddenly so Popular?

Or “How I Learned to stop hating MySpace and love the bomb, Social Marketing…

Let’s start with some social marketing predictions….

Personal websites will become much less important and social marketing hubs become far more relevant.

Search engines will become much less trafficked and I will “Facebook you” rather than Google you.

Sites like Blogger will be viewed as even sorrier pieces of crap than they already are.

You email lists will diminish in size, relevance and monetary worth.

Your email lists will be replaced by social marketing site’s friends lists.

Your challenges will be to attract attention rather than demand it.

You will lead through examples and results.

You reputation will be everything because it will be right in front of us all on social marketing sites.

You won’t be able to talk about your newsletter list like it means something when in reality you only have 300 subscribers.

Your friends will be right there for all to see.

If I want a recommendation on one of your products I and look right to your friends and their posts.

The marketers who become social marketing gurus and power users will have a huge advantage in the
coming years.

Of course I also predict that “The millions of Ipods will network through their bluetooth connections, become sentient and take over the world sometime soon.” So……

Social marketing is moving up with a Bullet

More and more personal content is being published on Social Marketing sites. It used to be that we posted links to our blogs and drove traffic there to discuss the article. Now, we post to our blog on the social site and discuss it there. As this continues we will see sites like blogger go by the wayside and perhaps even our own websites.

I wonder how WordPress will integrate the new Open Social framework (wiki) and become fully interactive with the social marketing sites.

Think about your WordPress blog not as a website but part of the social sites you participate in. Rather than having blogs on each of the social marketing sites, each social marketing site integrates your blog through their Open Social API.

Then your WordPress blog as a standalone website, pulls all the features, (think friends lists) from your social marketing sites and becomes a standalone social marketing application hub for you?

All the comments and interactions on the social marketing sites become part of your website blog. All the comments and posts on your WordPress blog bocome viewable and part of you social marketing profiles.

Does this sound as far fetched as my Ipod prediction? Well neither does to me.

As has long been the case teenagers and young twenty-somethings decide the direction of social change. In 2007 I published and article that received some pretty harsh comments “Email Marketing Already Died and We Didn’t even Know It.” As I said then “Just try getting someone on the phone these days.”

Twenty somethings are way more image conscious, socially driven, and define what is cool. They are also at a time in their lives when they are very selfish. Think about why MySpace wasn’t named OurSpace.

What is really interesting is that I had NO interest in social marketing a month ago. I used to cringe at the words “MySpace.” In fact, 5 years ago I bitched about how MySpace is for people who do not have websites so much that the girls at my night job built a MySpace page for me as a joke. Thank god I don’t bartend anymore, but that’s another story.

Of course Chris Lang is on FaceBook, Arizona Internet Marketers, Squidoo, Blinklist, Digg, Sphinn and of course my far less serious Chris Lang on MySpace page.

If you don’t understand what social marketing can do for you, then you need my Social Marketing and Search Engine Tactics.

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  1. Posted April 6, 2008 at 4:09 pm | Permalink

    I don’t think the technology is quite available yet to claim email is dead. RSS has a long way to go before you can use it to deliver premium content, though I have pleny of ideas in that direction.

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