Ipods Soon To Take Over the World! Destroy You Ipod Now!

Ipods are taking over the world, Danger Will Robinson!

I predict that soon it will be Ipods who take over the world rather than networked PCs.

Ipods will network thru their bluetooth connections, become sentient and take over the world. Will John Conner be there to save us or will he be playing with his new iPhone?

Destroy your Ipod now while you can. Throw it out the car window, stomp it to death on the pavement. Run it over with your car, give it to your girlfriend, but do something now. Only you can save us from an Ipod future.

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  1. Dah Boss
    Posted October 20, 2009 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    About time someone realizes this! I think that Ipod will either brainwash us and we will distroy ourselves. They are planning something I know it. Its too late to not buy one they will get you in some way by the year 2012.

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