Digg This, So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

The Joys Of The Digg Mafia, One Day They Will Bite You In The Buttocks Keven Rose

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I work my butt off on my stories. My articles are well researched, laden with great links, up to date and usually only have a few typos and misspellings (intentional sarcasm).

But just because I write about SEO, Social Marketing or EVEN worse I dare to write about sending legitimate email your readers FRAK me. I am speaking of the Digg mafia AKA “bitch brigade”.

This is how many of our articles end up looking because of the FRAKIN LITTLE KIDS called the Digg Mafia, also known by other names I cannot print here.

If you dare to write about email delivery your readers bury the articles because they are SO FRAKING STUPID they think anybody that sends any email is a spammer.

If you dare to write about SEO your readers bury the articles because they are SO FRAKING STUPID they think that anybody that builds pages to rank a little better than the rest is a search engine spammer.

If you write about getting a few more Diggs by doing it the right way and not spamming Digg, then then your readers are SO FRAKING STUPID that they obviously think that I must be out to abuse Digg.

You think I am wrong? Try these searches. They include buried stories. “avoid spam filters” or how to get more diggs. Now uncheck the “include buried stories” and see how many are there, it’s not just me guys, it’s anybody that DARES to write about the mighty Digg or anything else that your readers ARE TOO FRAKING STUPID TO UNDERSTAND.

Read this post, The hypocrisy of digg and spam about getting banned on Digg for writing about SEO.

Or this about Diggers Can’t Handle The Truth (About SEO).

Digg users ARE SO FRAKIN STUPID they friend Kevin Rose thinking he will friend them back. Or Zaibatsu, or MrBabyMan or Saleem.

So last night I gave Digg readers just what they want.

The largest piece of crap ever submitted to Digg.


500 pages of the Biggest pieces of crap you can find anywhere. Things like the worlds largest hole, the world’s largest bagel, the world’s largest ball of paint and of course, NOT TO BE MISSED is the world’s largest wad of spit.

You see since I take the time to write great articles and because YOUR FRAKIN READERS ARE SO STUPID I thought that this kind of thing is what your Digg readers really wanted.

So I decided to create The World’s Biggest Piece of Crap Digg Submission.

So I submitted the Whole Site!!!

Page by page.

One entry at a time.

500 pages.

500 Pages of crap.

It took FOUR hours.

But like I said, judging from what your readers maliciously do to my stories I figured this is what they wanted to read about because……..

THEY ARE SO FRAKING STUPID that they maliciously bury anything else that I submit and lots of other good articles.

Update:John McGowan is #1 on Google for “World’s Largest Shout.”

The Bottom Line

The submission of all these pages was the attempt to make some kind of statement that the overall mentality of Digg has gone so far down hill that this is all I could think would be interesting to most Digg members.

Now I am going for being listed as The World’s Largest Digg Submission of crap.

So Kevin, Jay, Digg Mafia – AKA Bitch Brigade, The Digg Top 100 that sells Diggs and Search Engine Rankings….

Digg This!

and, So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight.


  1. Posted May 5, 2008 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day, Chris, for the whole day I kept hearing AC/DC singing:

    “Shot down in flames
    Shot down in flames
    Ain’t it a shame
    To be shot down in flames”

    Since I joined Digg I built my friend’s list up to 1,000 friends, of which 270 of them were mutual friends. After the first week I reduced those 1000 friends to 270. Many of those on my Mutual Friends list emailed me asking to friend them.

    I Dugg over 1,100 articles during the two weeks I was at Digg, even though the articles I wrote, and the articles I shared, received very few Diggs.

    I figured these things are the nature of the beast, you know, mutual friends does not mean they have to like the articles submitted — it only meant they should take a look at them.

    When I saw the World Biggest articles appear, I thought “Now this is the stuff Diggers would like”, however instead of sending out 150 messages to each of the 270 people in my list, I opted to put all 150 urls into one massive shout…. anything else would be spamming in my view and Digg would get rightfully irked over my sending out 40,500 messages because the odds are that would have really gave their system a work out. As I began digging the posts and asking people to share, I opted to stop at 82 of my mutual friends, instead of doing all 270. What I ended up doing was posting only 82 long shouts, which people could go through and Digg what they wanted or delete. Not a problem, right?

    Wrong. lol Someone actually thought that 1 shout was excessive… I wonder what she would have though if she was hit with 150 shouts containing such nonsensical, but fun, articles like “The world’s largest Beer stein”. lol

    Well logic and reason isn’t really what Digg is about, now is it? LOL

  2. not too may typos?
    Posted August 2, 2008 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    not too many typos? are you “fraking” sure about that? in 15 minutes of perusing your blog, my good-natured readership has been maligned repeatedly by sloppy phrasing. whether the problem is bad spelling, poor grammar or maybe compulsive moisturizing of the hands in a tub of Crisco while typing, you might want to try your hand at revision. frankly, some things will kill your credibility a lot quicker than any Digg staffer can; and getting the title of your own article wrong on more than 5 consecutive counts is one of them – (“hot to get more Diggs” – really?)

  3. Posted August 2, 2008 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

    @The nameless poster above,

    Pretty frank talk from someone who is not willing to post their name or their site.

    Like I said, that post was written in a rather upset moment and I have left it as is, because that was how it was written and should be read. So, if my poor spelling and sloppy phrasing has upset you, you are more than welcome to not bother reading it. Or, as I am prone to say….

    “Go defrag yourself”

  4. Posted August 2, 2008 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

    Critics, critics and from someone who does not know how to use the shift key….

  5. Posted August 2, 2008 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    I love comments like “Not Too Many Typos” makes, Chris, simply because I have found that in the past anyone more concerned about typos, spelling errors and grammar over content have no valid rebuttal. I’ve read the comment and found that NTMT has no knowledge over what makes a person credible.

    You see, credibility is not dependent upon good grammar and perfect spelling, it’s a matter of ‘believability’. People who never learned to spell or write perfectly in their native languages often can have more credibility than the Scholars of the world. Why is this? Simple, it’s because people weigh what is said and decide on the level of believability that each speaker or writer has. They don’t grade what is written as if it is some grade school English paper. I have found that only pseudo-academics rush to the spelling and grammar attack, as if there is merit in doing such a thing.

    Credibility means believability. To put this in simple ways that everyone can understand, Credibility amounts to whether people believe what a person says and they usually base their belief upon such things as “a track record of truth telling” or “whether the estimates given are accurate”. They base what is said upon whether what you say is realistic and not whether you are a blowhard or storyteller.

    Most people realize that everyone can make mistakes, so they often can forgive transgressions made by a person who is deemed as “Credible”. They especially are forgiving when a person is man or woman enough to admit their mistakes freely and without pressure from outsiders. “Telling it like it is” often is a great way to attain a certain level of “Credibility”, but “Telling it like it is” is not enough. The person who speaks frankly has to provide something for others to believe in. People can tell the difference between a BSer and someone simply speaking their mind.

    Now as far as what else is said in the message, methinks someone is overly knowing about the use of Crisco while typing. I personally would never think of combining the two… but someone here did! LoL

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