Friend Connect Connects What? Google to Connect Friends

Friend Connect sounds good Google, but with Friend Connect, do you see how you could trully change the Internet as we know it now? But only if you read this post….

In this Friend Connect article I pose the question: Will Google use Friend Connect to add another way they rank our blogs? Will they ranks us by how many friends we have, how many powerful friends we have and the content our friends have on their social profiles, bookmarking social sites and our friends blogs. Think about that while you read on…

Yesterday, in a suspiciously timed pre-release announcement, we heard about Facebook Connect, another similar product (with a nearly identical name to Google’s Friend Connect). Today Google brings Friend Connect to the masses posted by Dan Farber, tells us that Google Friends Connect is going to launch a Friend Connect beta today.

As Techcrunch reported on Friday, MySpace launched Data Availability, on Thursday, a competing product.

As I write this Friend Connect is returning 404 errors, page not found. I see this a Google creating buzz, but you can read the Google Friend Connect press release here.

Google said that it wants to hear form us bloggers and Since Jack Kennedy has kind of mentioned that some of us could be described as “the loudest voices in blogging” I intend to get a little louder.

Open letter to Google and Friend Connect

Google, I DO NOT want Friend Connect to link MY social data linked together like this. >>>

I want to link ALL my FRIENDS together, not my social profiles.

If my friend want to see what other social sites I am on, they can go to my profile, it’s all there already.

If I would be interested in Friend Connect, this is how I have been envisioning an application that I have considered building myself.

When you read a blog post, and I mean blog post, article, you tube video, product squeeze page, Google result, free porn, I don’t care what it is, this is what I want Friend Connect to show me. I want to know many of my friends have been to the site, read that blog post, commented on it and how they rated it as a group.

I do not need to see 20 pictures of my friends, I already know what they look like. If I wanted crap like that I would have a Blogcatalog widget or a blah, blah, blah. This stuff takes JavaScript compile time away from the JavaScripts that I do want to run on my page. It also gives away Google link juice, so this brings another thought to mind. It should all use nofollow in any link it creates for me.

Do not create any outgoing links from my site for no reason. I do not want to give visitors away to unknown applications. I generously link 5 to 10 times in my blog posts. But I only link to top tier bloggers and sites. Not to nameless people from a JavaScript.

This should not look like a advertisement. It is a proven fact that sexy pictures of young women draw attention, that is why dating site ads are built that way. I do not want a visitor surfing off to see what sexy social marketing looks like. Google, read my lips, “We want numbers here!”

I want to link ALL my FRIENDS together.

I, and I think I speak for many real bloggers here, want to see how many of our friends already read an article. Two reasons immediately come to mind….

Has a blog post been popular with my social circle? When I say social circle, I mean on the 15+ sites I daily participate on, (yes daily, all 15). This could really save me time. How many times did it get Dugg, Searchled, Fraked, Stumled and Delished, and get this, by my friends. Not someone shouting to to a bunch of Digg friends that don’t even read the original article, just give out Diggs (think Digg badge.

Then from this COMPILATION of my friends activity I want to be able to click an Ajax “see more” link that opens an overlay DHTML type page that shows me details. Yes, I want to see pictures now, who has read the post and by date and time, if they blogged about it, if they bookmarked it and maybe a snippet of text.

Then, I want to know if all my friends, other top bloggers, who are in my various friends lists spread all around the social sites, have read it. Did they blog about it and the URL. Did they post in the forums that I use to comment on it. How did they rate the blog post and how did theirs get rated.

I, number one, would like to beat Andy Beard and TechCrunch to a story for once. If they have already written a blog post that is so good I cannot make my own unique observations, (like I am here), I would like to comment on it on my blog, or add my own comments on their blog.

I would definitely click thru to a Google page to see what all my friends had to say in comments on any blog that ranks top 20 in a Google result from a search term, (think title tag) or under the terms a blog post I am reading ranks under. Now that is targeted Adwords viewers, Google. Then when your read further articles, under the search term gleaned from the title tag, I can see the rating that my friends gave it and any comments that my friends made about it.

Then other innovators will follow suit with better ideas. People will use standalone social sites because they are niche oriented like Sphinn or SMC or closed walled like Facebook and Linkedin.

Google, I do NOT see having to open, wait for your ads to load, log in, blah, blah, blah. I want to see interaction purely on the parent site where I am reading the original blog post. This could be displayed in an Ajax type overlay when I roll over the the a “your friends” link. This could even be displayed at the bottom of the page below the article. It would be a good reason to scroll down the page, rather than losing interest half way thru because you want to go tell your friends about it.

I definitely will NOT be adding this to my blog if you expect me to display a frakin widget in my side bar. This is reserved for MY products, not yours.

Google, do you see how you could change the Internet as we know it now? All our blogs could be part of our friends lists. Our RSS feeds would be available in a scrolling screen that displays real time blog posts by all our friends. We could get alerts when our friends take actions we decide we want to follow, like new blog posts, blog comments or social bookmarking posts.

My blog would be the central hub for my social network. City Social Marketing would be John McGowan’s central hub his social circle and mine, because I am in his friends list. Maybe Sexy Social Marketing would start talking to me again since I got us all kicked of Digg, but her SMC profile would be a hub for her social network, and John’s and MINE and ALL OF HER OTHER FRIENDS too.

Friend connect, the bottom line

Now, Google. Oh omnipotent one, god of all search and destroyer of many small businesses (mine, after you bought up a multi million dollar company and gave the software away for free, Google analytics).

Do not attempt to usurp all the social networks traffic by creating a hub that consumes all of their offerings, leaving me no reason to visit them, but to create the account.

Simply create a hub of what I what from them. But create a hub of friends wherever I and everyone else goes, everywhere. Then allow me to click thru to the originator of the content on their social site. This way we are all sharing nicely :]

I bet some of you Google execs got poor marks in grade school when it came to “plays well with others” don’t you?

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