IS Waiting? The Opposite Of Living…

Waiting: Is The Opposite Of Living…

Pretty good imagery huh?

Mad Men headphone marketing...

And that is what Marketing is. It’s turning a picture, a painting, a work of art, into a story, where your reader is SEEING you.

You may have noticed, I am a Don Draper fan, and I watch “Mad Men” religiously.

Because the show, about Ad Men, Writes– MAD-AD-COPY

Don Draper said last night:

“The difference between a husband knocking at the door, and a wartime sailor leaving his ship, is about 10,000 volts.”

Feeling, believing: It’s a Giga Volt shock, straight to the brain. Digitally, delivered.

That is what your leads, clients, traffic wants, to feel: “Electrified

You see copy guys, girls, fail. Some Mad Men do not know what your leads want.

Some people that are mapping your business’s path, have no idea what marketing is.

But “My show” was out-done by a real “Mad Man” last nite.

So, yeah, I ripped the subject line of this post off from a commercial during “Mad Men” last night.

It was that good.

Back to the show now, we learn “Mad Man” is “Mad Woman.”

Peggy, Don’s disciple, has turned Don Draper of a competing ad firm.

Bent over the barrel, deadline hitting her in the face, lacking a headline for Koss headphones, she turns to boyfriend, wearing 1968’s headphones, cord dangling.

Yeah. For those of you, not born yet, 1968 headphones were bigger than ear muffs, and much heavier too LOL.

So, the hippie boyfriend is rockin out to Ina-Godda-Divida style corded headgear.

Turning, Peggy says “Hey, what are you listening to?”

He pulls the two pound ear buds from each ear, now inches from his bearded 60’s doo, and shouts…


Peggy relents; “Go back to your music.”

At that point I wrote the headline Peggy nor her Mad Men staff could…

“Koss Makes Your Headphones Live!”

Picture this: Guy rockin, girlfriend interrupts.

“What” he replies?

“Go back to your music…” She pouts. He does.

Headline rolls: “Koss Makes Your Headphones Live!”

And that is what you have to do for your business.

Make your leads, social followers and emails SEE, LIVING, you as the answer to their problems that they need solved. Now not later, by buying your solutions today.

That is what marketing is, the process where you make them SEE. That there is so much value in what ever it is that you offer, NOT buying would be a bigger mistake than waiting.

Since waiting is the opposite of living.

And the opposite of living is…you guessed it… Dying!

If your business is dying, not even born yet, or somewhere in the middle, I can help you. Maybe even save you too.

You get 40 chapters and over 400 pages of “Mad Men” time with me, the Don Draper of Email Delivery each week, when you become an Email Delivery Jedi with Get It To The Inbox.

$2600 of consulting Mad Men style is yours here for pennies on the dollar.

Man mad about marketing,

Christopher T. Lang

PS – No PS, I got nothin, that was my best Mad Men copy. But guess what MAD skills like that can do for you… Right?

You know what to do now, or die trying :]