How Social Marketing Affects Blogs

My neighbor John McGowan, did a little parody of Paris Hilton.

He is number four in Google blogs after only an hour.

Under “paris hilton” no less. Searched 1,692,424 in my search traffic app, which means it is really searched over 7 Million time a month, this is a REAL search term, not a little niche term.

So as an experiment I am going to see how long I can keep him there and how highly I can get him ranked, using my own social marketing tactics. I am only going to use social sites and we can watch what happens. Here I go….

This is the first time I have tested my tactics on a highly searched term like “paris hilton.” This is one of the top searched terms on the entire internet, if we can keep you top ten in blogsearch for at least 24 to 48 hours my theories about how Google ranks blogs are somewhat correct. (my lawyer made add the somewhat part)

Here is the link, I almost forgot, paris hilton.

Social marketing natural progression

The article started out number 7 on Page 1 of blogsearch and by the time I started playing with this it was # 2.

This is not just a prank, this is a test of what I believe works for blogs, this info will give us a before and after.

It is May 15th, 11:31 pm AZ time and it is at #5 out of our local Google datacenter, Phoenix AZ. Newer blog posts are coming in under it and aging fast. It is also important to note that John’s blog has no PR and no incoming links. There is no optimized blog title or description, not even a prior mention of Paris Hilton.

When I speak of newer blogs, I am talking about the age of the blog post. Google notes it right in the description of the item and supposedly ranks you by the age of the post.

The tactics I speak of are 100% whitehat and natural, we are not spamming, using link exchanges or a network of behind the scenes friends. John is not promoting the post at all. Myself and a friend are working independently using natural social site actions that any other reader would use. I spent 10 minutes on this my self and my friend less.

If I am wrong then that is good too. Finding out what does not work is as important as what does.

I just checked and the post is now up a notch at #3, 5:26 pm AZ time.

One thing I have learned the hard way lately is that if you use every tactic you have right out of the gate you will disappear from the results like that. Google knows what we can do an then some.

If you let it happen a little at a time then it is a natural progression. If you go all out, like we were when we were testing Digg, it can be seen as what it is: spam.

If you just plant the seeds in the right places and the article has merit, (just plain funny in this case) others will pick up the torch and do the work for you.

Social marketing heartbreak hotel

It is day two, May 15th, 6:04 am and the post is at #11.

The new day brought new blogs and the Paris parody got pushed down due to the age of the post. It may make a comeback as the new blog posts do not gain any new links, but I think it is over. Unless….

It seems someone Paris Hilton the post.

It has 15 Diggs and is only 54 minutes old. I expect it to go back up, or the Digg item to start ranking soon.

11:29 am The post is outranking 25 more newly blogged posts but has sank to #27. That says something for our simple tactics. While blog posts that are only a few hours old are below it, yours John, is ranking above them.

6:04 pm and John you are back to #4. YES!

The Bottom Line

The test is officially over since John decided to post another blog item with “paris hilton” in the title tag, knocking his prior post off Google blog search top 100.

What is amazing is that it is now #57 in Google Websearch (the one we all use).

The good news is that we have definitely proved that social marketing sites have a huge effect on Google rankings, real time effect on Google Blogsearch rankings and are just plain fun to play with.

For John’s silly post to be top 10 on Blogsearch for 24 hours, drop to #27 and then we brought it back up to 3# for another 24 hours qualifies any statements I have made previously on this.

Now it is #57 on Websearch, just the fact that it entered the index at all amazes me.

But wait, you say no one uses Blogsearch? You know who uses Blogsearch? Real Bloggers!

They look for blogs with fresh content and content that adds to and rounds out their own posts. This is your prime source of Google juice and traffic. Being listed highly for long periods of time allows your blog posts to be found there. Google gives your blog tons of credit when blogs link to your blog.

How are you going to be found if you are not highly ranked in Blogsearch?

I had the General Manager of the group at Return Path for Sender Score Certified comment on my blog post on my email delivery site because he found my site at the top of Blogsearch.

I have noticed that when a blog post does well in Blogsearch it then will enter the Websearch listings a day or two later. This leads me to believe that Google judges a blog post by how well it does in Blogsearch listings, and then algos it over the the Websearch index or moves it up from the basement.

I would say that John’s Paris Hilton parody’s performance just goes on to substantiate that.

If you do not know how to do what we have just done then you need to read this social marketing quickie….