Just Got Out Of A Hospital Bed Yesterday

Last week, I flew off my mountain bike at 20 MPH and got slapped on the asphalt bike trail like a pancake flipped.

Seems my front axle went south, and left the building. My front tire then free, suddenly locked up, dead stop, between the brake and the front forks. I hit the path so hard I bounced…

I got out of bed yesterday (two cracked ribs now) to my machine, first time in five days. Slept pretty much all that time prior.

What does this mean to you? (keep reading below)

Front axle caused my bike crash

Well, since my 4th of July plans are now cancelled, I am going to give all you G+ Jedi a one on one consult via Hangout, for 30 minutes, while I am all busted up this holiday weekend.

This is no small matter as I charge 200 an hour for my knowledge.

So, between now and Sunday night, you can not only get the most aggressive set of G+ Page tactics there are for just one lousy dollar…

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But you get me –one on one– while my cracked ribs calm down this weekend. Real world value: 100 bucks US.

But when Monday comes, and I am rested up, the $1 deal goes away, and so does the consult mega deal.

My mind is at 100% again, but my body is not, so while the 4th will pass me by this year, don’t let my turning lemons into lemonade pass you by too.

I had planned to close this by the 4th, today. But since I was out cold since last week, I have extended this thru Monday of next week and added a bonus that you will never see again.

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Broken but not out,

Chris Lang

PS For you current and new Jedi members, you get this same bonus, just send me your login name to the members site, and what time you want to work with me.

I can do 10 a day, 5 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon.

I start at 8 AM MST Denver time, out at 10:30 MST. Then start again at 3 PM MST. I am booking starting today AM.

This will be held to strict 30 minutes. Just reply to this mail and give me your day and time. I will reply with a G+ Calendar invite, so be sure to give me your Gmail address as well.

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    Get better soon chris!